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5G Technology dangers and the road ahead

Whenever I think of the 5G network, a scene depicting a fight between the human race and a robot comes right in front of me. All of us have seen this type of a violent scene in one or more Scifi movies and just the thought that it could turn into a reality sends a shiver through my spine.

I’m not Amish as you probably figured out from my website, instead, I’ am a tech geek who embraces technology like any other millennial. Still, I fear the possibility of a potential war between the human race and the robots.

I don’t say this from out of the blue, but because I have my facts in place and by the time you have read this entire post, you would know how deeply I have analyzed the potential aftermaths of this technology.


What is 5G Technology? 5G Technology Explained

The 5G network refers to the 5th Generation of internet, which may not seem like a big deal for someone who is short-sighted. However, did you know that the most dangerous thing about 5G technology is that it is much more smarter than humans are. By saying that, I mean that the response rate of the 5G technology is 400 times faster than the blink of an eye.
Now you may wonder how that poses a challenge to the human race, and where are the robots. Well, hang around and we’ll get there.

You probably never thought of it this way, but look at it this way! Imagine you have a friend and both all set for a race, and you have a shiny BMW but your friend arrives in a Boeing 707. Is the competition going to be fair between the two of you?
Likewise, the IoT industry is now going to run on the extremely fast 5G network which means the response rate of the smart devices is going to be much faster. Even faster than humans themselves, and the day is not far when the 5G or a more advanced 6G or 7G may be rolled out and would empower highly efficient and dangerous robots.

While there is so much to worry about the 5G technology, its ridiculous that all most people can think of is the “radiations” part of it. I don’t mean to demean or insult anyone because while climate change could be a major issue for some, there are also those who are happy selling Advanced Air Conditioners and Heaters.

For me, it’s the future and the victory of robots over the human race that is more serious than anything else, at the moment.
5G Technology Dangers Explained

If you are now wondering why I am so worried about something that is just a remote possibility, then its NO LONGER A POSSIBILITY. Honestly, the damage has already begun, while we sit at home and order food and groceries that are delivered by fancy delivery robots, aren’t we unaware of the 5G Technology dangers?

Did you know that in the US alone, the food and restaurant industry hires close to 10 percent of the employable workforce? This includes cooks, chefs, delivery personnel, waiters, and more. So, if Flippa the Robot is going to flip burgers, Deli the Robot is going to deliver them, then how are we going to pay for it?

If you have never worked for a restaurant or have nothing to do with that industry, you might be thinking that there are 90% of those who are employed in the US and don’t work for the food and restaurant industry.

Well, that’s true but what if I told you that the 5G network is going to disrupt your industry, no matter which one that is?
I would like to now highlight some of the industries that are going to be badly hurt with 5G technology.

Agriculture and 5G Technology dangers

Heard of those cool drones that can do anything from soil and field analysis to real-time livestock monitoring? Well, that itself can cause some serious job cuts, which is definitely going to have a worldwide impact, but more so in developing economies as most of these are agrarian economies.


In fact, despite being the most developed country, the US employs close to 11% of the employable resources in the US. According to 2017 Agriculture Census in the US, 21.6 million in the US are employed by this industry, which accounts for roughly 11% of the total employable workforce in the US.

Now you have a clue about the 5G technology and its dangers that can cause mass unemployment in this sector. This can cause more damage than any other industry because the early signs of being civilized were evident in human beings when they stopped hunting for food and instead grew it.

No wonder Agriculture is one of those professions which continues to employ several people across the globe. Now without getting too deep into the evolution of human civilization, let us get out head around the 5G technology dangers that may disrupt the agriculture sector.

Dangers of 5G Technology

If you are now wondering what’s the connection between drones and 5G technology dangers, then the answer is ‘Connectivity’. With a technology that is so powerful with a response rate that is much faster than the blink of an eye, which is often an involuntary response of the human body, these drones are definitely going to be much more precise than humans. The efficiency may be good news to some, but for the 11% that are employed by this industry, the dangers of 5G technology are quite evident.

Food and Restaurant industry shrouded in 5G Technology dangers

As mentioned earlier, the Food and Restaurant industry in the US alone employs over 10% of the total workforce and a good percentage of this workforce could lose their jobs in the near future. Now that’s how serious 5G technology dangers are. And if you have been to college then you have probably worked part-time for a restaurant at some point in time. Well, these jobs may entirely be wiped out, which would also hurt other economies considering how enormous the food and restaurant industry is.

You may have heard from restaurateurs about the high turnover rate in the food and restaurant industry. Most of them claim that there’s a need for technological intervention to combat this issue. In fact, it is the very nature of this business that leads to high turnover rates. For example, most people working in this industry are part-timers, who grab a full-time job as soon as they find one or graduate.

The 5G network is going to lead to an upsurge in the use of robots in the food and restaurant industry.
With the 5G network all set to disrupt these part-time jobs, and the increasing interest rates of student loans, things are not going to be easy in the near future. The high-speed connectivity and quick response time that comes with the 5G technology is only going to make delivery robots faster and more accurate.

Also, self-driven cars would be used for deliveries and although these exist in certain parts of China, I’d say we are better off without it. This innovation which is only possible due to the 5G network and its high streaming ability can wipe off thousands of jobs in no time.

5G Technology dangers in the Retail Sector

Milton Keyes, a town in England is one of the few regions where thousands of deliveries have been made by a fleet of robots by Amazon. You may now wonder if the robots are already doing what they are supposed to, then why oh why is the 5G technology dangerous.

Well, these robots exist only in some parts of the world because they are being tested and aren’t fully capable of behaving like humans. However, with connectivity that can download 120 minutes of video in less than 3.6 seconds, the exchange of information between the delivery robot and the control systems is going to be much faster. These robots basically connect to a navigation system and several other systems to receive instructions through the internet. All of this data would be retrieved extremely fast as its exchange depends on the internet speed and connectivity.

If you have been a delivery partner for a new of the big retail stores then it is most likely that your job would be wiped off. Although Delivery robots may currently not be as efficient as you are, the day is not very far away when those very delivery robots are going to be much smarter efficient once they start running on the 5G technology this is one of the biggest dangers of the 5G technology, which could result in mass unemployment.

Healthcare and 5G Technology dangers

Currently, in the US alone, the Healthcare industry is a trillion-dollar industry and the tech giants are definitely not unaware of that. Technology giants have done their best to penetrate as deep as possible into this industry by investing in research and finding ways to use technology in the healthcare sector.

On the other hand, the healthcare industry had been dealing with its own set of problems which included lack of professionals, and delayed diagnosis which the tech giants identified. The result is that today, Google’s AI algorithms can predict a heart attack by examining the retina. With 5G technology at the forefront, smart diagnosis algorithms may very much work with the IoT devices, and while that’s good news, here’s what the healthcare professionals need to now worry about.

Long since the healthcare industry has had a shortage of Professionals as compared to the number of patients that need to be attended to. In fact, even in the most developed countries, providing healthcare services to those living in rural areas has become quite a challenge.

To counter this problem, remote monitoring tools are being developed faster than ever before. With the 5G technology making this more efficient than ever before, soon remote home monitoring tools are going to change how healthcare services are delivered. The biggest challenge with using these tools has been the time lag, which would be dealt with by the 5G technology, which also offers network slicing.

So, soon, doctors would be able to prescribe medications through video calls after making a diagnosis through remote monitoring tools. Now that’s how the 5G technology is going to transform the healthcare sector.

Dangers of 5G Technology – Considering how expensive healthcare currently is, this is the only industry that really has no dangers from 5G technology. Instead, one can look forward to a decline in the prices of healthcare services and the inconvenience of waiting for the doctor. However, that does not mean there are not going to be security breaches in this sector — something that existed with all other generations of the internet.

Automobile, Transport, and Logistics

Elon Musk is all set to roll out his fully automatic self-driven Telsa car in 2020, which of course would make use of the 5G technology. Although we currently make use of GPS systems and other smart technologies in our cars, the efficiency is nothing compared to what it would be when powered-up by the 5G technology. With faster connectivity and high-speed internet, the response time of the connected devices is going to be a lot higher and this is precisely why the fully self-driven car would be launched in 2020.

Alibaba, the online wholesale marketplace already makes use of this for its deliveries in China, while Ford Motors uses self-driven vehicles in Spain. So, there is every possibility of transport giants like Uber and its counterparts across the globe making use of a fleet of self-driven cars instead of their current business models. This could wipe away a lot of jobs that are currently employing millions across the globe. Although the 5G technology makes this possible and some parts of the world are already making use of it, the only roadblock is the Governments and legislations. Most countries do not approve of this as it could be dangerous for their citizens, so if you live in one such country, then you need not fear being rammed into by a self-driven car that has lost connectivity and control.

Dangers of 5G Technology – As mentioned above, you could be rammed into by an erratic self-driven car, which may malfunction due to hundreds of technical issues. Now that’s not a pleasant thought, especially when there is no driver you can sue, and the proprietary technology that runs the automobile belongs to an XYZ company.

Not to mention the mass loss of jobs and unemployment that would follow, as the transport and logistics sector is one of the largest industries employing millions across the globe.


The Cover-up – Honestly, when someone says ‘Data is the new oil’, I laugh back at them because data and information have always been important. A reason why it has always been passed on from one generation to another, whether it is the knowledge connected to cutting diamonds in Antwerp or growing tomatoes in Mexico. Now you know why in the good old days, families chose to pursue a common profession or trade.

However, behind the scenes what all of these IoT devices are doing is a horrendous operation that involves segregating your personal data, only to sell it or use it to make more money. This is YOUR personal data and YOU need to have control over it.

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