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Avid Pro | The Cloud-based Audio Editing Software

Avid Pro is one of the best cloud-based audio editing software, trusted by countless professional studios, across the globe. Due to its high costs and hardware requirements prior to the release of Avid Pro version 9, it wasn’t considered to be feasible for home studios. However, since its recent release, things have changed considerably as Avid Pro no longer limits your choice of hardware. So you no longer need to invest in the M-Powered interface, but you can do so if you wish to.

Although expensive, Avid Pro’s worth investing in, as it delivers a pro-level digital recording experience. So, if you’ve got a creative side, then here’s your chance to unveil that in the most sophisticated and professional manner. Avid Pro’s easy to use templates make it a whole lot easier to create covers, or even your very own music. These templates contain music from various genres and you can choose the one that best compliments your style.

Avid Pro also offers inline editing, which ensures better accuracy and makes it easier to edit. You can also create up to 16 free tracks, which lets you decide whether or not it would be worth investing in this tool. To enable you to deliver the very best, Avid Pro now includes UVI Workstation, a multi-timbral instrument that enables you to add a host of effects, which eventually helps deliver exceptional music. Also, you gain absolute control over the music with MIDI improvements, which enables you to trim the notes by simply hitting the arrow key until you reach that absolutely perfect note.

Avid Pro makes it convenient for you to create and save projects straight onto your computer, with the option of uploading up to 3 projects onto the cloud. This gives you the flexibility to access those three chosen projects from anywhere, anytime. So, we would like to conclude that Avid Pro 9 has been a massive improvement over its previous versions which were not very suitable for home studios.

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