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How to get Subscribers on YouTube fast (Get 1000 free youtube subscribers, works in 2020)

Worried about how to get subscribers on YouTube fast? Well, then you’ve probably started or are at the verge of starting your YouTube channel and are fanatically looking up for ways to get 1000 free YouTube subscribers. After all, you don’t want to end up as a failure on this massive platform on which 4 hours of video content is uploaded every single minute.

So, if you are wondering how you can break through this dense platform and get 1000 free YouTube subscribers quickly then here’s everything you need to know about getting more subscribers by maximizing your organic reach on YouTube, the  second most popular website after Google.

In this article, we will not only tell you how to increase youtube subscribers free but also pinpoint some of the best techniques to keep your viewers (whether subscribers or not) engaged to increase your watchtime.


1. Develop creative and valuable content

During the initial stages, your YouTube channel needs to grow organically. That is only possible when you create valuable content and post it regularly. So, spend the first 2-3 months conceptualizing and creating content for your audience without worrying too much about monetization.

In 2020, Content is the King and  a content-rich YouTube channel is definitely going to raank better. So, post at least 2-3 videos every week and ensure that the content is worthy enough for the audience.

People will only subscribe to your channel if they feel that the content is credible, worthy, and valuable so make sure that the video stands true to those expectations.

Content to get 1000 free YouTube Subscribers NOW!!

  • Develop content that helps people such as how-tos
  • Make sure that you create longer videos
  • Use the right keywords because YouTube has a powerful video search engine and the authentic use of keywords will fetch you the right number of subscribers.

2. Don’t Neglect Creating an Email list

IThis is one of the most powerful secret promotional technique used by some of the biggest YouTubers and Bloggers, and offers three main benefits. First off, you can always intimate your existing subscribers about your latest videos and other activities such as contests, giveaways, free webinars, etc…

Next, you can use it to run referral programs and increase your email list. Finally, if YouTube goes down or gets banned like TikTok, then you can still upload your content on some other video streaming platform.The biggest advantage of having your own emailing list is that every time you create and post a video, you can instantly drive an influx of views and engagement absolutely free.

If you have a website, then you can even embed the relevant videos and appeal to your readers to subscribe to your YouTube channel and emailing list. Likewise, you can collaborate with other Bloggers and YouTubers to get more subscribers. Don’t worry! Not everyone wants you to pay them and many would be willing to collaborate for a smart deal. Now how you crack that depends on your niche and your business acumen.

3. Here’s how to get subscribers on youtube fast with Giveaways and Play Contests

One of the easiest ways to get a 1000 free YouTube Subscribers is by having social media Influencers promoting your ‘subscribers-only’ giveaways and contests. You can do this by roping in sponsors that send you free samples and there are many who do that. You can then send it to the Influencers and request them to promote your channel.

As it is a ‘subcribers-only’ contest or event, everyone interested in participating is going to hit the subscribe button. During the event, you can also ask your subscribers about the kind of content they would want you to create and then pick the common requests. Also, have the social media influencers declaring the winners from time to time. This would encourage others to subscribe and participate in the future contests and giveaways.

4. Get 1000 free YouTube subscribers through active interaction

If you are still scratching your head and wondering how to get 1000 free YouTube Subscribers fast, then you need to ask yourself what your current subscribers think of you. Do you share a healthy rapport with them? Do you respond and react to their comments? This is important because your current audience are your most powerful brand ambassadors and what they tell others about your YouTube channel really matters.

So, to increase the number of subscribers, you need to build a rapport with the audience by responding to the queries in the comment section and through interactive live sessions. Once your audience realize that they are being given due importance, they will naturally turn into loyal subscribers and speak highly about your YouTube Channel.

Learn how to increase YouTube subscribers free with Content Design

Now let us come to the content designing part of the channel, which might seem trivial, but it indeed lays the cornerstone for the success of your YouTube Channel. A great way to do this is by introducing weekly segments that help you connect with the various audience segments.

For instance, if your YouTube channel is about Technology then you could have a how-to segment, online news segment, gadgets unboxing segment, and so on. So, every Wednesday, your subscribers would know what to expect.

Quick Tips on how to get subscribers on YouTube fast

  • Segment your content to resonate with various subsets of your audiences.
  • Make sure that the videos have your branding.
  • Also, the caption must show off the brand.
  • Ask your audience to subscribe at the start, end and soon after the hook.

6. Grab Attention by altering your shooting Locations

People crave for something that is new and exciting, which is why they do not like to see you in the same place all the time. In fact, they always want to see something new and exciting. Therefore, planning new shooting locations every now and then can help you grab the attention of your subscribers. You can also experiment by changing your studio design from time to time. Doing this and then posting interesting thumbnails of your videos and upcoming uploads is an easy way to attract more subscribers.

7. Create mind-boggling Thumbnails

Your thumbnail plays an important role in enticing visitors to watch your videos and to earn subscribers. That’s because users no longer wish to subscribe to a hundred YouTube channel and mess up their user experience.

Rather, they would prefer to subscribe to ten and stay updated with the latest content and it is your thumbnail which either draws their attention or doesn’t. So, spend some time creating thumbnails to encapsulate what’s in the video and also design it so that it grabs the attention of potential subscribers.

8. Get YouTube Subscribers with Annotations

YouTube annotations are those clickable images and text which can be added to videos in various formats — speech bubbles, notes, title, spotlight, label, pause and more. You need to use these to appeal to your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. However, you need to do this without letting it negatively impact the user experience and as subtly as possible.

9. Make the End of the Vid Appeal

Although this is one of the most basic ways to ask people to subscribe to your channel, this simple method works like a charm. However, you can expect results only if you have created amazing content that the viewer would watch until the end.

10. Get yourself an AWESOME Channel Trailer

Now, have you ever watched a movie without actually checking out one or more trailers? Your potential subscribers expect the same so give your audience a sneak peek of what your content is all about. However, you need to keep your trailer under ninety seconds and make it as appealing as possible.

Now that we have shared some of the most powerful ways how you can get more subscribers on YouTube for free, we must admit that you need to guard caution. In the world of YouTube promotion, you will come across many companies promising you subscribers at a low price and you might be tempted to use those services than to follow the abovementioned tips.

In that case, you may soon have to wind up your YouTube channel because those are mostly fake accounts that will not generate any watchtime. So, we recommend that you work a little harder and follow the above mentioned are simple yet effective techniques to get 1000 free YouTube subscribers fast.

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How to make money online from home

Looking for ways to make money online from home? Tired of finding scammy “how to make money online from home” options that ask for a payment or security deposit? No worries! we are here to help you find legit work from home opportunities that you can explore for free.


People have more important and urgent reasons than ever to find another means of making money. With Covid-19 disrupting the global economy, people’s jobs are becoming unstable, some are already out of work, and others’ primary income is no longer sufficient to cover their bills.

While there are plenty of ways to get quick cash like selling your gently used clothes and trading your disposable electronics, they don’t last for long as you will eventually run out of personal properties to sell. There are numerous ways you can make money online in the long-term, and lots of people are taking advantage of them to make a living for themselves right from their home.

Here are some of the ways you can make money online with just your laptop and a good internet connection.

How to Make Money Online: 10 Real Ways

Start Dropshipping

Dropshipping is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to make money online. This business model accounts for about 23% (about $85.1 billion) of all online sales globally, and its market size is projected to reach $557.9 billion by 2025 according to a study conducted by Grandview research. Despite the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, this way of making money online is still growing strong with statistics from Google Trends showing that people are still searching for dropshipping terms.

For those that don’t understand the concept of dropshipping or if this is your first time of hearing about it, dropshipping is a supply chain model where you sell a product without having it in stock. That is, when a customer buys the product from your store, it is shipped directly from the wholesaler to the customer.

There are several dropshipping companies that will help you get started; handling shipping, storing inventory, and capital for purchasing the inventory. Some of the well-known dropshipping companies include Modalyst, Oberlo, SaleHoo, and Spocket. These companies serve as plugins for Wix and Shopify, which means you need to create a website to access them. You can also start dropshipping without a site by opening a seller account on Amazon or eBay, but there are some limitations.

To make money online through dropshipping, you need to employ good marketing strategies that will allow you to reach as many potential customers as possible. These include running Facebook ads, social media marketing, email and text marketing, starting content marketing, and also using up-selling and cross-selling. You need to also adapt to marketing trends as they evolve.


Start an Affiliate Website

Although its popularity has been fluctuating over the years, affiliate marketing is still one of the best and most stable ways to make money online. There are several popular websites that generate their revenue mainly from affiliate marketing; Wirecutter, which was acquired by the New York Times, Lucieslist, Bitcatcha, and Outdoorgearlab. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that there is no limitation to the kind of company for which you can become an affiliate. Companies like Bluehost to companies like Uber all have affiliate programs. In essence, you can do affiliate marketing in any kind of niche.

Affiliates make money by promoting another person’s or company’s products and services. You earn a commission whenever someone clicks the link to the website you’re affiliated with and buys their product. While the money from a commission might be small and slowly trickle in, you can always be an affiliate for various companies and put as many affiliate links on your blog post as possible.

The most effective way to make money online by affiliate marketing is to start content marketing. Having your website allows you to leverage assets such as web pages, subscribers, and traffic to generate an income. With content marketing, you won’t get caught off-guard when your partner stops its affiliate program. All you need to do is edit your blog post and change the affiliate link to that of another company in the same niche.


While blogging serves as a hobby to most people; an avenue to express their opinions or creativity, it can be a way to make money online. Blogging is an easy enough side hustle to pick up if you love writing. While blogging is more of a long-term way of making money online, you can be successful if you stay dedicated and consistent. Most blogs, such as HuffPost and TechCrunch, started small and through discipline and persistence, built their blogs to top-grossing businesses.

Blogging platforms like WordPress, Medium, Facebook, Squarespace, and Wix, will help you get started with little or no effort. To start blogging, you need to choose a specific, yet broad niche; for example, finance, health, personal growth, and technology. Then slowly expand into other similar niches as you build your brand and authority and as your following increases.

Once you’ve gained significant monthly website traffic, you can monetize your blog by selling advertising spaces or placing ads on your website with Google AdSense or You can add affiliate links on your posts, offer exclusive content to paid subscribers, and also sell your products and services. The blog can also serve as a platform to build your authority, getting you contracts to talk or write about a product or a company.


Become an Influencer

With the rapid growth and increase in the number of social media platforms, becoming an influencer is now easier than ever. One of the platforms on which you can become an influencer is Instagram. Just a few years back, Kylie Jenner became the highest-paid influencer by making $1 million for every sponsored Instagram post. Celebrities are not the only ones that generate massive revenue as influencers, non-celebrities also get gigs from companies and large brands that want to promote their products or services.

Building a large enough following is the best way to become an influencer. While most influencers started on YouTube and Instagram, it’s now more challenging to build a large following on these platforms if you don’t have original content to offer. Another platform you can explore is TikTok – it is currently the fastest growing social network in the world.

There are numerous avenues open for you to make money as an influencer. These include starting an online store and selling your products, becoming a brand ambassador, selling sponsored posts, charging for public appearances at events, selling your photos, featuring ads in your podcast, and adding affiliate links in your bio.

Become a Freelancer

More companies are leaning towards remote work due to the Covid-19 crisis, which means there are more opportunities for freelancers than ever before. There are a plethora of jobs available that you can do online as a freelancer, including writing, graphics designing, teaching, web and android development, virtual assistant, and more.

Popular websites such as Fiverr, Upwork and offer opportunities covering a wide range of sectors, and you will also find many other sites that target a specific industry. For example, Gengo and One Hour Translation provide only language translation jobs.

Freelancing is becoming increasingly competitive. It is you have something that will make you stand out from other freelancers in your niche. One thing that can give you that edge is to have a robust portfolio. You can build a robust portfolio by offering free services to some small to mid-tier brands. After this, you can start approaching big clients to get better pay. In freelancing, your success depends on your rating, client reviews, and the number of clients you have worked with.


Tutor Kids Online

The closure of schools and colleges due to the pandemic has increased the demand for online tutors by parents, who don’t want their children to miss any learnings. If you have the expertise or in-depth knowledge of any subject, especially languages, maths, science or test-prep, you can leverage on them to land a high-paying gig as an online tutor.

While tutoring might seem like a hassle, there are a lot of people making money online just from it. An example is Bohdan, an online tutor, who through word of mouth, high group rates, and visibility, was able to build up his clientele and made $2100 from tutoring.

A teaching degree or ESL certification can increase your chances of getting a tutoring job. Experience in delivering sessions at a conference or speeches at an event is also plus for tutoring, teaching or even mentoring positions. There are numerous free courses made for teachers that you can take to learn how to teach online and improve your tutoring skills.

To get started, you can sign up on one of the online tutoring sites like Learn4Good,,, Chegg Tutors, or Cambly. You can also advertise your services through word of mouth.

Sell Your Photography

Visual marketing strategies are becoming the dominant form of marketing, which means there is an increasing demand for pictures of high quality. This presents you with a chance to turn your passion for photography into a way to make money online. You don’t need to have a camera to start. There are a lot of amazing things you can do with visuals on your mobile these days if you have a good phone camera.

Stock photography websites are some of the best marketplaces to sell your photographs. You receive a commission from each sale your pictures make. Some of the popular ones are Alamy, Shutterstock, Getty, and iStock. Sites like Scoopshot connect you with clients for freelance photography jobs, and you can sell your phone shots on Foap.


Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube offers one of the easiest ways to make money online if you are comfortable in front of a camera. People go to YouTube for fun, entertaining or informative videos. If you can fit your content into these categories, you can attract a large audience and monetize your brand.

For example, Ryan Kaji, the eight-year-old YouTube’s highest-earner, made $26 million last year from reviewing toys. While Dude Perfect, a group of five friends, made $20 million from doing stunts and breaking Guinness World Records.

To make money on YouTube, your channel has to be either:

  • Entertaining – include content like pranks, reviews, comedy videos, video game walkthroughs, and more.
  • Educative – mostly how-to videos, DIYs, and hacks.

Your channel name needs to be catchy, and your video titles, descriptions, and images should be optimized for YouTube search. Publishing only high-quality videos and consistent video posting are a few of the things you need to keep in mind when you are building your following on YouTube. You can start monetizing your YouTube channel using YouTube ads when you reach 1000 subscribers.

Become a Virtual Assistant

This is an online money-making option you can explore if you’re an excellent communicator and have great organizational and planning skills. There are a wide variety of tasks you will be responsible for as a virtual assistant. These include minute taking, bookkeeping, email management, data entry, research, order processing, and more.

To excel as a virtual assistant, you need to be able to schedule your time around the needs of your client, work well remotely, and also have a good typing speed.

There are several websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and, that will allow you to set up your gig and get clients. You can also submit applications to new brands and small business owners, as they are more likely to hire a virtual assistant than a full-time personal assistant. Another option is to build your presence on corporate social platforms like LinkedIn, which can connect you to new clients and prominent entrepreneurs.


Create an App

Wait. This is also a money-making avenue you can explore even if you don’t know how to program. With app builders like BuildFire, AppyPie, and Thunkable, you can build an app with little or no knowledge of programming. But then again, learning how to program can open you to a lot of opportunities.

With good enough programming skills, you can offer your services on freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. You can also apply for remote programming jobs on a website like If you are looking to make money on your app, you can put them for free on Google Play and the Apple store. Free apps are more likely to gain traction than paid apps unless they’re already popular. Once you have a large number of users, you monetize your app through ads and providing premium features.


Aside from offering an opportunity to earn extra cash per month, making money online is also an avenue for a new career path based on your terms and a chance to leave your 9 to 5 job behind.

We have listed ten ways to make money online. Now, all you have to do is go through the list and choose the option that fit your passion and current skillsets. While you won’t make money immediately, give it a few months, and you will start seeing results, as long as you stay dedicated and persistent.

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Know How to Drive Traffic to your Online Store with these 7 Hacks

Driving traffic to your online store may seem complex and overwhelming at first, but once you know the tricks of the trade (which I will take you through) and how to drive traffic to your online store, it becomes much easier. As an online store owner, you need to count more on your traffic generating skills than that of anyone else. That’s because someone else you hire who’s good at driving traffic to online stores will soon start his own shop (or at least start drop shipping products).

So, as you can probably figure out, there is a sheer need for you to start honing your online selling skills and learn as much as you can about how to drive traffic to your online store. To help you with your initiatives, I have some awesome workarounds that can help you start driving traffic to your online store, right away.

The world around us is fast-evolving, and the commercial metamorphosis from brick and mortar stores to the eCommerce model is rapid. Regardless of whether you have a brick and mortar store, you cannot survive the current retail market without starting your own online store. You could do it yourself by starting an eCommerce store using online store builders like Shopify, and WooCommerce, or sell on online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc…

Whichever one you choose, you aren’t going to see any success unless you start driving targeted traffic to your online store. Driving traffic to an online store is very different from doing SEO for an Adsense monetized website. That’s where you don’t care where the visitor is coming from and his requirement. Well, that isn’t how you can drive traffic to your online store. In this case, you need a more strategic approach and therefore, let’s begin with some of the best hacks that always help in driving traffic to online stores. In putting together some of the most powerful methods, I have ensured that the entire process remains pocket-friendly and scalable, which ensures that you can use these tactics for online stores of all sizes.

1. Use Facebook Groups the Right Way

With billions of active users on Facebook, it is a treasure trove for anyone involved in promotional activities. Also, this platform lets you make use of various advertising and promotional tools such as Facebook instant articles, Facebook videos, Facebook posts, Facebook pages, etc… If you have created a Facebook page but are wondering how to drive traffic to your online store, then starting a Facebook group could be the answer.

Building a community and nurturing it with engaging content can be highly rewarding when it comes to driving traffic to your online store. So, go ahead and find your target audience and add them to your group, but do ensure that it includes your target demography. That’s because driving traffic to your online store is no big deal, but driving meaningful traffic is what you must focus on.

With every piece of content that you post, try to build a sense of community among your audience. Pay heed to their needs, listen to their problems, requirements, and all their demands. You don’t have to solve all of their problems, but if you can connect the dots and tell them about some of their problems that your product or service can solve, then that’s more likely to turn them into a customer. Above all, post questions, conduct polls, ignite conversations among your audience.

Once you have gained some traction, you can post content that keeps your audience engaged and also promotes your product or service. So, go ahead and post a useful tip or a paragraph about a topic related to your product along with the link. These links can be your eStore’s URL or a direct link to the products on your Amazon eStore.

The key benefit of starting your own Facebook group is that you can engage your audience and market your products simultaneously. Also, this method works well because it is subtle and doesn’t make you appear like a spammer or an aggressive marketing agent. So, kick start your Facebook group and start driving traffic to your online store.

2. Build a High-Conversion SEO Strategy

Organic traffic from search engines won’t come your way unless you optimize the product descriptions on your website or eCommerce store. If you own a website and your online store is just a part of it then in order to start driving traffic to your online store, you need to optimize your entire website and link back relevant content to your products.

Unless you do that, you cannot start driving traffic to your online store, organically. That means you cannot top on a search engine without optimizing it cleverly. So, your online store or website should be optimized, which makes it easier for search engines to crawl through them.

Here are some tips to plan a smart SEO strategy for your online store:

  • Build a strong keyword strategy.
  • Make sure you focus on long-tail keyword phrases.
  • Build up your backlinks.
  • You need references to your online store.
  • You can hire guest post writers to do this for you on relevant sites with high domain authority.
  • Post relevant content. Create posts around your core products and link them back to your store.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly. Mobile searches have overshadowed desktop searches in recent times. So, it only makes sense to optimize your website for mobile visitors.

For doing keyword research or building backlinks, I recommend SEMRush, which is one of the best tools you can count on. In fact, here’s a SEMRush Pro’s free 7-Day trial for TechGooru’s readers.

3. Nail IT on the Forums

With the increasing use of the internet, people from around the world have started discussing and connecting with each other. Platforms like Quora and Reddit have extremely active users eager to respond and react. If you don’t know about it, then these are popular online forums where people ask questions and get answers from people around the world. You’ll find people discussing everything from politics to automobiles on these platforms. These are real people with actual problems and not bots that automatically ‘like’ or ‘follow’ posts just for the heck of it.

So, you simply cannot miss out on driving traffic from these platforms to your online store because these are real people who are interested in a particular topic and are eagerly looking out for answers. There are people looking for the latest fashion trends, or best places to eat, and so much more.

So, if you sell a product or service related to their query, then you could very well post a link and drive sales. Unlike social media, this traffic is genuine and truly exists — in other words, it is real human traffic. I say real human traffic because most social media platforms are bot infested. Bots are sophisticated software and programs that are designed to imitate human behavior such as liking a post, or following a profile, etc… However, there is one thing that bots cannot do — think and ask questions — and that is why it makes sense to start driving traffic to your online store from these forums. If you are wondering how to drive traffic to your online store from forums, then I’ll break it down for you.

How to drive traffic to your online store from Reddit?

Reddit is a well-regulated community that lets users build credibility based on the number of upvotes or downvotes that their posts drive. Upvotes are more like the ‘Likes’ on Facebook and downvotes are just the opposite. Also, Reddit’s communities are called subreddits, through which you can generate qualified leads.

Pro Tips

  • Start by creating a profile and reacting to random posts that helps earn more upvotes.
  • Start reacting to pet-related content, which usually generates the most upvotes and helps build credibility faster.
  • Post regularly without any breaks. At least 3 to 5 posts every day.

How to drive traffic to your online store from Quora?

Quora is a question and answer based community, which is much like Yahoo Answers which no longer exists. However, it isn’t as well-regulated as Reddit but can still prove to be highly effective in driving traffic to your online store if you do things right.

First off, you need to build credibility with your Quora profile by delivering value. You can do this by crafting useful responses on relevant forums. If people find you helpful, they will definitely click on your bio or the link that you provide there. Also, make it a point to mention your correct details because ‘TechGooru’ definitely sounds more credible than ‘hunting_bear’ or some other name that does not resonate with the brand.

4. Know How to Use YouTube for your eStore

In the virtual world, YouTube is probably the most powerful platform when everyone wants to grab attention and go viral. YouTube users are increasing at a rapid pace which to you means more exposure to a set of a targeted set of audiences. Depending on your budget and strategy, you can either choose to create videos or contact YouTube Creators and have them promoting your online store’s link by posting it in the description box.

If you decide to create videos on your own, then remember to focus more on posting audience-centric content instead of product-centric. In addition to that, you can include videos addressing their concerns regarding topics related to your product.

Integrate your YouTube videos with your other social media accounts and also make them available on marketplaces such as Amazon.

5. Instagram Influencers

Instagram is a great place to connect with millennials, a generation that constitutes a majority of your potential customers. With a niche-specific Instagram page, you can easily connect with customers interested in a particular type of product or service. So, if you are worried about how to drive traffic to your online store, then this could be a game-changer for your business.

Although your options may seem limited at first and you may find yourself pondering about how to drive traffic to your online store using Instagram, things will gradually become clearer. There are many ways in which you can drive traffic to your online store via Instagram. You could do this by building or purchasing a niche-specific Instagram profile, or by funding influencers to promote your products and services. However, for better results, I strongly recommend that you find an Influencer who has a hold over your specific niche. The right influencer can help your business grow instantly.

Our Instagram marketing tips are here

  • Use this platform to promote niche-specific products and services listed on your online store.
  • Select the influencer based on their engagement rate, number of followers, budget requirements, and quality of their followers.
  • If your budget is low, you can use micro-influencers. These are Influencers with significant but not massive followers but can connect you with a very specific targeted audience.

6. Explore Pinterest – The Underrated Platform

People always look for new ideas using Pinterest and if you can get a wee bit creative with your products or services, then it can help you drive a ton of traffic to your online store. Pinterest is a unique blend of a search engine and a social media platform. On the whole, it is a wonderful platform for you to get discovered by your customers. Pinners use this platform to decide what to buy and save pins to make a future purchase.

Like every social media platform, Pinterest has its own algorithm that works in a very different way. You can create or join boards, which are focused on something very specific like weight loss, or baking. To get more traction, consider creating your boards based on the top keywords and make sure that your mainboard leads to your website. Also, Pinterest hashtag isn’t like the ones on Instagram and Facebook. It just displays the pins sequentially based upon the time you uploaded it. Here, keywords are more important than hashtags.

7. Kick off your e-mail Campaign

Email is still the best form of marketing when it comes to driving traffic to your online store. You can send offers to your existing customers or add new ones by running lead generation campaigns. Once you have the email IDs, you need to start nurturing your leads with the right strategy.

So, no matter how archaic it sounds, but email is still one of the best ways to drive more sales. It helps you directly connect to your customers, bang on! You can then intimate them about your latest offers and promote your products or services. It is also cost-effective and quick.

To get the most out of your email campaigns, use CRMs that allow you to automatically customize your emails, as personalized communication always works better. Also, use trackers to track user behavior, and depending on that analysis, start shooting emails at the right time. The “right time” usually depends on the type of product or service that you wish to promote and your audience. However, by tracking user behavior you are doubly sure of drawing higher conversions. For instance, hobby products do best on weekends, but when you use the tracker you know the precise time when readers are opening their emails.

To make your email campaigns successful and to drive traffic to your online store, make it a point to make your emails more appealing. You can do this by using images and videos to make your emails more engaging. The second most important thing to do is to create segments of customers and treat them differently. The generalized treatment worked a decade ago, but now you need to nurture your customer relationships by sending them welcome emails, offering them exclusive gifts, promoting slow-moving products, and compelling them to take action.

Ask for customer feedback. Send them surveys, understand what they want from you. Also, communicate consistently and not once in a blue moon. This way your name will be registered in their memory and that works because most people tend to buy from places or people they are familiar with.

Final Takeaway

The key to success in the eCommerce landscape isn’t how many leads you generate, but rather how many qualified leads you can generate for your business. So, as you consider driving traffic to your online store with one or more of the above methods, make it a point to ask yourself about who needs your product or service. As I wrap up, I’d like you to ask yourself if you are targeting people based on their needs or just for the heck of numbers. If it is the latter, then you need to buckle up and focus on driving more qualified leads. These are leads that are most likely to convert and getting ten qualified leads could mean more business than having a thousand random leads.

AI & ML Cybersecurity Online Business Marketing

5G Technology dangers and the road ahead

Whenever I think of the 5G network, a scene depicting a fight between the human race and a robot comes right in front of me. All of us have seen this type of a violent scene in one or more Scifi movies and just the thought that it could turn into a reality sends a shiver through my spine.

I’m not Amish as you probably figured out from my website, instead, I’ am a tech geek who embraces technology like any other millennial. Still, I fear the possibility of a potential war between the human race and the robots.

I don’t say this from out of the blue, but because I have my facts in place and by the time you have read this entire post, you would know how deeply I have analyzed the potential aftermaths of this technology.


What is 5G Technology? 5G Technology Explained

The 5G network refers to the 5th Generation of internet, which may not seem like a big deal for someone who is short-sighted. However, did you know that the most dangerous thing about 5G technology is that it is much more smarter than humans are. By saying that, I mean that the response rate of the 5G technology is 400 times faster than the blink of an eye.
Now you may wonder how that poses a challenge to the human race, and where are the robots. Well, hang around and we’ll get there.

You probably never thought of it this way, but look at it this way! Imagine you have a friend and both all set for a race, and you have a shiny BMW but your friend arrives in a Boeing 707. Is the competition going to be fair between the two of you?
Likewise, the IoT industry is now going to run on the extremely fast 5G network which means the response rate of the smart devices is going to be much faster. Even faster than humans themselves, and the day is not far when the 5G or a more advanced 6G or 7G may be rolled out and would empower highly efficient and dangerous robots.

While there is so much to worry about the 5G technology, its ridiculous that all most people can think of is the “radiations” part of it. I don’t mean to demean or insult anyone because while climate change could be a major issue for some, there are also those who are happy selling Advanced Air Conditioners and Heaters.

For me, it’s the future and the victory of robots over the human race that is more serious than anything else, at the moment.
5G Technology Dangers Explained

If you are now wondering why I am so worried about something that is just a remote possibility, then its NO LONGER A POSSIBILITY. Honestly, the damage has already begun, while we sit at home and order food and groceries that are delivered by fancy delivery robots, aren’t we unaware of the 5G Technology dangers?

Did you know that in the US alone, the food and restaurant industry hires close to 10 percent of the employable workforce? This includes cooks, chefs, delivery personnel, waiters, and more. So, if Flippa the Robot is going to flip burgers, Deli the Robot is going to deliver them, then how are we going to pay for it?

If you have never worked for a restaurant or have nothing to do with that industry, you might be thinking that there are 90% of those who are employed in the US and don’t work for the food and restaurant industry.

Well, that’s true but what if I told you that the 5G network is going to disrupt your industry, no matter which one that is?
I would like to now highlight some of the industries that are going to be badly hurt with 5G technology.

Agriculture and 5G Technology dangers

Heard of those cool drones that can do anything from soil and field analysis to real-time livestock monitoring? Well, that itself can cause some serious job cuts, which is definitely going to have a worldwide impact, but more so in developing economies as most of these are agrarian economies.


In fact, despite being the most developed country, the US employs close to 11% of the employable resources in the US. According to 2017 Agriculture Census in the US, 21.6 million in the US are employed by this industry, which accounts for roughly 11% of the total employable workforce in the US.

Now you have a clue about the 5G technology and its dangers that can cause mass unemployment in this sector. This can cause more damage than any other industry because the early signs of being civilized were evident in human beings when they stopped hunting for food and instead grew it.

No wonder Agriculture is one of those professions which continues to employ several people across the globe. Now without getting too deep into the evolution of human civilization, let us get out head around the 5G technology dangers that may disrupt the agriculture sector.

Dangers of 5G Technology

If you are now wondering what’s the connection between drones and 5G technology dangers, then the answer is ‘Connectivity’. With a technology that is so powerful with a response rate that is much faster than the blink of an eye, which is often an involuntary response of the human body, these drones are definitely going to be much more precise than humans. The efficiency may be good news to some, but for the 11% that are employed by this industry, the dangers of 5G technology are quite evident.

Food and Restaurant industry shrouded in 5G Technology dangers

As mentioned earlier, the Food and Restaurant industry in the US alone employs over 10% of the total workforce and a good percentage of this workforce could lose their jobs in the near future. Now that’s how serious 5G technology dangers are. And if you have been to college then you have probably worked part-time for a restaurant at some point in time. Well, these jobs may entirely be wiped out, which would also hurt other economies considering how enormous the food and restaurant industry is.

You may have heard from restaurateurs about the high turnover rate in the food and restaurant industry. Most of them claim that there’s a need for technological intervention to combat this issue. In fact, it is the very nature of this business that leads to high turnover rates. For example, most people working in this industry are part-timers, who grab a full-time job as soon as they find one or graduate.

The 5G network is going to lead to an upsurge in the use of robots in the food and restaurant industry.
With the 5G network all set to disrupt these part-time jobs, and the increasing interest rates of student loans, things are not going to be easy in the near future. The high-speed connectivity and quick response time that comes with the 5G technology is only going to make delivery robots faster and more accurate.

Also, self-driven cars would be used for deliveries and although these exist in certain parts of China, I’d say we are better off without it. This innovation which is only possible due to the 5G network and its high streaming ability can wipe off thousands of jobs in no time.

5G Technology dangers in the Retail Sector

Milton Keyes, a town in England is one of the few regions where thousands of deliveries have been made by a fleet of robots by Amazon. You may now wonder if the robots are already doing what they are supposed to, then why oh why is the 5G technology dangerous.

Well, these robots exist only in some parts of the world because they are being tested and aren’t fully capable of behaving like humans. However, with connectivity that can download 120 minutes of video in less than 3.6 seconds, the exchange of information between the delivery robot and the control systems is going to be much faster. These robots basically connect to a navigation system and several other systems to receive instructions through the internet. All of this data would be retrieved extremely fast as its exchange depends on the internet speed and connectivity.

If you have been a delivery partner for a new of the big retail stores then it is most likely that your job would be wiped off. Although Delivery robots may currently not be as efficient as you are, the day is not very far away when those very delivery robots are going to be much smarter efficient once they start running on the 5G technology this is one of the biggest dangers of the 5G technology, which could result in mass unemployment.

Healthcare and 5G Technology dangers

Currently, in the US alone, the Healthcare industry is a trillion-dollar industry and the tech giants are definitely not unaware of that. Technology giants have done their best to penetrate as deep as possible into this industry by investing in research and finding ways to use technology in the healthcare sector.

On the other hand, the healthcare industry had been dealing with its own set of problems which included lack of professionals, and delayed diagnosis which the tech giants identified. The result is that today, Google’s AI algorithms can predict a heart attack by examining the retina. With 5G technology at the forefront, smart diagnosis algorithms may very much work with the IoT devices, and while that’s good news, here’s what the healthcare professionals need to now worry about.

Long since the healthcare industry has had a shortage of Professionals as compared to the number of patients that need to be attended to. In fact, even in the most developed countries, providing healthcare services to those living in rural areas has become quite a challenge.

To counter this problem, remote monitoring tools are being developed faster than ever before. With the 5G technology making this more efficient than ever before, soon remote home monitoring tools are going to change how healthcare services are delivered. The biggest challenge with using these tools has been the time lag, which would be dealt with by the 5G technology, which also offers network slicing.

So, soon, doctors would be able to prescribe medications through video calls after making a diagnosis through remote monitoring tools. Now that’s how the 5G technology is going to transform the healthcare sector.

Dangers of 5G Technology – Considering how expensive healthcare currently is, this is the only industry that really has no dangers from 5G technology. Instead, one can look forward to a decline in the prices of healthcare services and the inconvenience of waiting for the doctor. However, that does not mean there are not going to be security breaches in this sector — something that existed with all other generations of the internet.

Automobile, Transport, and Logistics

Elon Musk is all set to roll out his fully automatic self-driven Telsa car in 2020, which of course would make use of the 5G technology. Although we currently make use of GPS systems and other smart technologies in our cars, the efficiency is nothing compared to what it would be when powered-up by the 5G technology. With faster connectivity and high-speed internet, the response time of the connected devices is going to be a lot higher and this is precisely why the fully self-driven car would be launched in 2020.

Alibaba, the online wholesale marketplace already makes use of this for its deliveries in China, while Ford Motors uses self-driven vehicles in Spain. So, there is every possibility of transport giants like Uber and its counterparts across the globe making use of a fleet of self-driven cars instead of their current business models. This could wipe away a lot of jobs that are currently employing millions across the globe. Although the 5G technology makes this possible and some parts of the world are already making use of it, the only roadblock is the Governments and legislations. Most countries do not approve of this as it could be dangerous for their citizens, so if you live in one such country, then you need not fear being rammed into by a self-driven car that has lost connectivity and control.

Dangers of 5G Technology – As mentioned above, you could be rammed into by an erratic self-driven car, which may malfunction due to hundreds of technical issues. Now that’s not a pleasant thought, especially when there is no driver you can sue, and the proprietary technology that runs the automobile belongs to an XYZ company.

Not to mention the mass loss of jobs and unemployment that would follow, as the transport and logistics sector is one of the largest industries employing millions across the globe.


The Cover-up – Honestly, when someone says ‘Data is the new oil’, I laugh back at them because data and information have always been important. A reason why it has always been passed on from one generation to another, whether it is the knowledge connected to cutting diamonds in Antwerp or growing tomatoes in Mexico. Now you know why in the good old days, families chose to pursue a common profession or trade.

However, behind the scenes what all of these IoT devices are doing is a horrendous operation that involves segregating your personal data, only to sell it or use it to make more money. This is YOUR personal data and YOU need to have control over it.

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For businesses eager to promote their products through a well-organized affiliate network, LeadDyno makes it a whole lot easier and walks you through the process with a fully customizable website. As a LeadDyno Merchant, you also don’t have to worry about putting together newsletters with promotional strategies for your affiliates, instead, you can benefit from the extensive resources that are readily available. So, you can choose from the many newsletters that LeadDyno has, and email it to your affiliates, with just a click.

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Partner Stack

Want to earn more affiliate commissions from your content? Or you wish to roll out your very own digital product? Either way, Partner Stack can make the entire process simple and effortless. Partner Stack, formerly known as ‘Grow Sumo’ provides a platform for businesses and affiliates to connect with each other through a straightforward process. This affiliate marketplace brings you some of the newest and most exciting SaaS products that you can start promoting, right away.

Partner Stack lets you expand your horizons by letting you choose from the most relevant and profitable affiliate programs. All you need to do is skim through the list of related programs and make your choice based on the terms set out. With that, you can have all your affiliate programs in one place. That makes it easier for you to get the most out of your content as you can conveniently enroll in multiple affiliate programs by simply clicking the ‘Join’ button.

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With the wide range of affiliate programs listed on Partner Stack, you can find some of the most profitable products and services to promote. Once you’ve done that and reached the necessary threshold, you can request the concerned company for a payout, which is again as convenient as clicking the ‘Cashout’ button. That makes it easier for you to focus on generating great content, instead of managing several affiliate programs, individually. However, you need to have a PayPal account to withdraw the commissions from Partner Stack. With that said, Partner Stack simplifies the process of running an affiliate business and lets you manage all your affiliate programs, effortlessly.

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Do you have a bunch of websites that you wish to promote? Or do you have a diverse social media following and are on a lookout for the juiciest tidbits to promote? Here’s a workable solution for all your needs and that’s Share-A-Sale, one of the largest affiliate networks with over 3,900 affiliate programs to choose from. That gives you the flexibility to easily hop, skip and jump niches and find programs that generate the highest amount of revenue and is something that your target audience might be interested in.


Share-A-Sale is one of the most trusted platforms that has been around for close to 19 years, helping merchants and affiliates connect and grow mutually. As the name goes, Share-A-Sale works around the principle that you get paid for every sale that you generate for the merchant, whose product or service you’ve signed up to promote. This requires you to be prepped-up to start selling, and if you can manage to do that, then this affiliate marketplace is a goldmine.

The most striking feature of this affiliate marketplace is that the user operates straight from the website, without any additional software. Also, the signup process is straightforward, but it requires you to have a website in order to complete the process. Once you’ve signed up, you can search for affiliate programs based on several criteria. This includes finding programs that enable auto-approval and auto-payment. You can also sort them by categories, commission rates that the merchants offer, and several other parameters.

Once you start generating sales, then the merchant running that particular affiliate program, shares a predetermined slice of that revenue, with you. However, bear in mind that irrespective of how you choose to promote your affiliate links, you need to have a website to be able to sign up with this affiliate marketplace. So, if you have the ability to convert your target audience, then Share-A-Sale’s enormous potential can help skyrocket your affiliate business.

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Tapfiliate | The Affiliate Tracking Software

If you are on the verge of expanding your business, then Tapfiliate is a business tool that you cannot ignore. One of the biggest hurdles that you encounter while establishing your very own affiliate network, is tracking their performance and communicating with them. Now, this is precisely what Tapfiliate, a cloud-based affiliate tracking system, helps you overcome.


By offering a fully customizable affiliate-tracking system, it helps you save time and resources that you may have to otherwise invest in. Plus, it lets you do a lot more than that and you can roll out coupons and affiliate links, within minutes. This easy set-up process and integration make the entire process smooth and effortless.

If you are worried about the transaction fee charged by Tapfiliate, then there is none. Instead, Tapfiliate requires you to pay a fee that is charged on an entirely different set of criteria, such as clicks, impressions, conversions, and more. Furthermore, Tapfiliate supports six languages, which include English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese. This helps you reach out to a much larger audience than you otherwise would. Also, Tapfiliate lets you integrate around 36 applications, including Shopify, Stripe, PayPal, Woo, WordPress, Wix, and more.

All of this makes Tapfiliate your one-stop shop to manage, track, and monitor your eCommerce stores, social media, payment gateways, content management systems, and more. To spread the word faster, Tapfiliate also lets you create and pass on social media posts to your bunch of affiliates. Doing this creates a win-win situation for both the merchant, as well as the affiliate marketer.

With a multitude of tools at your disposal, Tapfiliate lets you shape your own marketing strategy and payment structure. You could choose to give out performance bonuses, team commissions, lifetime commissions, or simply stick to paying a one-time commission on your products or services. You can also choose to set different commission structures for different products, and constantly expand your business.

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Best Free WordPress Themes for Businesses

Free WordPress themes for businesses are an extremely popular category with many options available for businesses of all sizes. However, since most large businesses tend to have their web developers doing the job for them, we shall focus on exploring the best free WordPress themes for businesses that are smaller and require you to do your own design. When I say small businesses, it includes both small businesses and self-employed professionals.

The WordPress repository offers you a plethora of options that are free and highly customizable and so you can choose the one that is closest to your business type. To help you make the choice, we have found some of the most popular and highly rated free WordPress themes for businesses. These themes not only exhibit stunning designs but also load extremely fast which makes it your best pick from an SEO perspective. Let us now dive into the best free WordPress themes available in the WordPress repository.


Astra is a fast and very lightweight theme with less than 50KB on the frontend. It is one of the most popular free WordPress themes for businesses with over 600,000 active installations and a 5-star rating from 3000+ users. This theme can be used to create or customize any kind of website but is particularly popular as a free WordPress theme for businesses. It can be used by self-employed professionals to create professional portfolios or to create websites with online stores. In fact, it is this versatility of the Astra theme that makes it one of the most sought-after free WordPress themes for businesses.

The Astra theme comes with pre-built templates from which you can choose the one that appeals to you. By making the right choice, you can save up time that you would have to spend on customization of your website. If you have very specific needs then you can choose a random template and redesign or customize it. You can do all of that without coding, and can take your design to the next level by using page builder plugins such as Elementor, DIVI, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, and more. You can configure the layout settings and adjust header options, colors, and fonts. The whole website template can be adjusted to fit and match your brand and this ability to fully customize the website earns it the top spot in this list of free WordPress themes for businesses.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable
  • Ready-to-use
  • Lightweight
  • Translation & RTL ready
  • Large library of website templates
  • Optimized for SEO
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Support for page builders.

Astra is one of the few free WordPress themes for businesses that are compatible with Yoast and LearnDash. For more advanced features, you need to upgrade to the pro version.


OceanWP is a fully customizable and multipurpose free WordPress theme for businesses, which comes with essential necessary features to design a business-oriented website. It features several demo WordPress website templates with which you can get your website started, or you can customize your preferred template to match your brand using the theme’s page builder plugin integration. An important attribute of OceanWP is that it has arguably the fastest page load time of any WordPress theme, which is a pre-requisite to driving traffic onto your website, which of course, is in addition to its other built-in SEO features. You can customize the templates for mobile and tablets, and also developers can extend its open-source code to meet their preferences.

Key Features

  • Responsive – Desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Fastest page load time
  • Built-in SEO features
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Large collections of extensions
  • Customer support
  • Page builder support – Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, Brizy, and more.

You can enhance its functionalities with features such as Popup Login, Stick It, Cookie Notice, and Instagram.


Neve is another multi-purpose free WordPress theme for businesses, which come with a very professional and sleek look. It features WordPress website templates for all small business websites – web agency, podcast, beauty shop, IT, VR studio, makeup artist, travel, accounting, and more. Neve is lightweight and highly responsive on all platforms – desktop and mobile devices – and compatible with AMP websites. It has a minimalist design, comes with SEO best practices built-in and is easily extendable. You can import demo websites and customize them with Live Customizer or make use of its page builder integrations. You can easily redesign the header and footer and adjust the page layout, colors, fonts, and more using the drag and drop feature.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable
  • AMP compatibility
  • SEO features built-in
  • Gutenberg integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Support for page builder plugins – Divi, Brizy, Elementor, Visual Composer, and more.

The pro version of this WordPress theme for businesses comes with several advanced features, including WooCommerce Booster, Elementor Booster, White Label, and custom layouts.


Hestia is the next free theme on this list of free WordPress themes for businesses and is indeed designed for all types of small businesses. It comes with a variety of free starter sites for creative businesses, startups, online agencies, personal portfolios, blogs, small businesses, and also for corporate businesses and storefronts.

You can get started with the ready-made starter sites and redesign them to your preferences with the Live Customizer and see the changes in real-time. You can also employ the Gutenberg and page builder integrations to customize the various aspects of the website. Hestia comes with a plugin that adds client testimonials, email subscribe form and contact form section to the homepage. It also has mega menus with which you can customize your submenu content.

Key Features

  • Material UI Kit
  • SEO friendly
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Page builder plugin integrations
  • Mega menus
  • Widgetized footer
  • Sendinblue integration
  • Customer support.

Hestia is compatible with Flat Parallax Slider, Photo Gallery, and Travel Map. It also comes with video tutorials to guide you through the process of building a website using its WordPress website templates.


Sydney is one of the best free WordPress themes for businesses and comes with all the necessary features to build an outstanding website. It is excellent for small businesses and freelance websites and a good fit for agencies and corporate businesses also. Sydney offers you loads of customization options; you can customize the website fonts and layout, add colors and logo, and do much more. It also provides you access to all Google Fonts, full-width image slider, header image, sticky navigation, and more. You can use this free WordPress theme for businesses to quickly design your homepage using the built-in Elementor blocks. You can also animate your website’s background using the parallax background feature. Sydney also comes with social media tools to improve engagement with your customers.

Key Features

  • Powerful Theme Customizer
  • Access to Google Fonts
  • Custom Elementor Blocks
  • Elementor integration
  • Parallax Backgrounds
  • Social media tools
  • Translation ready

Sydney comes with comprehensive documentation that contains information on each of its features, and it also offers free customer support regardless of the version you choose – free or pro.


Shapely is a minimalistic one-page WordPress theme for businesses and is best suited for eCommerce stores, landing pages, small businesses, personal websites, magazines, and all other kinds of websites. It comes with loads of customization options, plugin support, widgets, and is SEO friendly. Shapely is compatible with all web platforms – desktop and mobile – and fits all screen resolutions. It is a Retina-ready WordPress theme that projects sharp texts, vibrant colors, and amazing vectorized icons on high-resolution Retina Displays. It comes with unlimited color options, vector-based icons, and Hero Image feature to highlight your most important content and for call to action. Shapely supports several third-party plugins and features homepage widgets to add parallax sections, product or service information, portfolio, and more.

Key Features

  • Homepage widgets
  • Retina-ready
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Vectorized icons
  • Support for third-party plugins – Google Analytics, Contact Form 7, Jetpack, Yoast SEO, iThemes Security, W3 Total Cache, and more.

Shapely provides customer support services for all users and can be easily contacted via the support forum.


As its name suggests, Photography is a WordPress theme that comes with WordPress website templates specifically designed for photographers, photo studios, photography agencies, and also portfolios and bloggers. It has over 70 pre-designed photo gallery and portfolio templates and features 24 predefined demos with which you can get started. You can commercialize the website with the WooCommerce integration, password protect your galleries, photo proof, and protect your customer information. The Photography WordPress business theme also provides you with access to Google Fonts, unlimited color options, video section, advanced typography, font size options, and more. You can customize the sidebar layout, slider text position, gallery layout, slider/video content position, and much more.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable
  • Homepage widgets
  • Video support
  • Social media integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Content and Customer Protection
  • SEO friendly
  • Third-party plugin support – bbPress, WPForms, Newsletter, and Breadcrumb NavXT.

Photography is one of the few free WordPress themes for businesses, which offers customer support to all users. However, it is worth mentioning that the premium version comes with advanced features that make your website more professional and attractive.


The Himalayas is a one-page WordPress theme for businesses of all sizes, especially the smaller ones that must showcase their portfolios. That includes small businesses like agencies, photographers, travel bloggers, etc… This particular theme finds a place in this list of WordPress themes for businesses because it takes the one-page parallax design to another level. That enables the visitors to get all the necessary information about your products or services right from the homepage, which is something that most small businesses crave for. It comes with a beautiful image slider that is perfect to display your important content and a host of homepage widgets; Call to Action, Blog Section, Portfolio and Service Listings, Contact Us, Our Team Information, and more. There is also a transparent sticky menu and search box on top. The Himalayas provides you with loads of customization options with its Live Customizer, and you can write custom CSS to redesign the look and feel of the theme.

Key Features

One-page parallax
WooCommerce compatibility
Homepage widgets
SEO best practices integrated
Custom CSS

The pro version offers WMPL compatibility, header video, and more homepage widgets and customization options.


Zakra is a modern and versatile multi-purpose free WordPress theme for businesses, which comes with awesome features that are perfect for startups, freelance sites, niche-based sites, WooCommerce stores, personal blogs, portfolios, and more. Zakra provides you with over 30 ready-made starter websites and demos to set up your website. You can customize various components of the theme using the Live Customizer and the integrated page builders, which include Elementor. You can tailor it to match your brand and also highlight what your business does with the header background image. Zakra is compatible with all web platforms and AMP sites.

Key Features

  • Very fast and lightweight
  • SEO friendly
  • Elementor, Gutenberg and WooCommerce integration
  • 7+ widget areas
  • RTL ready
  • Multi-translation support.
  • Zakra also offers excellent customer support and it is fully GDPR compatible.


Airi is another multi-purpose free WordPress theme for businesses such as online agencies, freelancers, startups, and corporates. It provides users with a host of premade demos that can be imported to get your website started. You can customize these premade WordPress website templates with the WordPress Customizer and Elementor page builder. These enable you to customize the page layout and fonts, add colors and background images, and more. Airi provides you with WooCommerce support, access to more than 600 Google Fonts, plus it is translation ready.

Key Features

  • Elementor integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Customization options
  • Google Fonts
  • SEO support
  • Translation ready.

Also available are several homepage widgets, including client testimonials, blog section, call to action, service information.

The abovementioned are some of the best free WordPress themes for businesses that we have listed on the basis of functionality, speed, and ease of use. Although these are good to get started, it is often observed that websites with unique design get the extra point in Google Search. If you wish to buy premium themes, then let us know in the comments below and we will soon have a list of the best premium WordPress themes for businesses.