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For businesses eager to promote their products through a well-organized affiliate network, LeadDyno makes it a whole lot easier and walks you through the process with a fully customizable website. As a LeadDyno Merchant, you also don’t have to worry about putting together newsletters with promotional strategies for your affiliates, instead, you can benefit from the extensive resources that are readily available. So, you can choose from the many newsletters that LeadDyno has, and email it to your affiliates, with just a click.

Now that’s how simple LeadDyno makes it for you to set the wheels in motion and expand your business, as a merchant. Conversely, if you are an affiliate marketer looking out for affiliate programs that pay the highest commissions, then stick around. LeadDyno lets you choose from hundreds of reliable affiliate programs, and earn great commissions. You can also integrate Shopify, Paypal, Bigcommerce, and more e-commerce stores, and track its sales through LeadDyno.

As a LeadDyno affiliate marketer, you gain access to ready-to-share social media content straight from the merchant, whose products or services you’ve signed up to promote. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time writing content and ultimately losing out on opportunities. You can simply click on the relevant social media icon and share the content forwarded by the merchant on your social media, with your affiliate link in it. This may seem as simple as sharing a feed through your social media account but would end up generating affiliate credit whenever someone clicks on a link.

Also, by posting the latest updates on the affiliate products that you are promoting, you come across as an authoritative expert. That, in turn, increases your credibility and creates a long-lasting impression on your readers and followers, who are then more likely to convert. So this affiliate marketplace works great for those who largely rely on their social media following or have multiple eCommerce stores. For those who prefer to use websites, LeadDyno’s marketing materials also include banner ads that let the affiliates sneak in their affiliate links and earn hefty commissions.

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