Telephone Hacking Scams in the UK

While individuals face threats like subscriber frauds and phone insurance frauds which are pecuniary in nature, celebrities face something worse. Their personal lives are invaded by the Press and are constantly susceptible to public scrutiny. After all, the media seems to spare no efforts in invading their privacy by using Private Investigators and cybercriminals to do their bidding. However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have had enough and no longer wish to be victimized by the media.

While the petition filed by Prince Harry is definitely going to be a historical move, there have been other hacking incidents that have rocked the UK‘s media houses. In 2011, News of the World, a subsidiary of the News Corporation found itself between the devil and the deep blue sea, due to its telephone hacking approach. In fact, the Editorial admitted this in its last edition and had to shut down post the Leveson Enquiry, which was initiated by Prime Minister David Cameroon. This resulted in a loss of around £240 million to the News Corporation.

Later, in February 2012, The News of the World was replaced by The Sun, which seems to be heading towards a similar fate. Until now, the Sun has paid close to £400 million and the Mirror has paid around £75 million to settle phone-hacking cases. As a matter of fact, the phone-hacking case between Sir Elton John and The Sun was settled just days before it could be heard in the court. Some other noteworthy victims of the phone-hacking cases include Lord Archer, Actor Joe Swash, Sportsperson Kevin Keegan, Actress Sadie Frost, and several others.

Privacy Laws in the UK

Although the British Laws claim to protect the privacy of its citizens, the fact that the Royal family’s privacy has been invaded several times makes its effectiveness, questionable. In the UK, Privacy laws are a part of Human Rights and are enshrined in Article 8 of the Human Rights Act, the Data Protection Act, and several others. Article 8 of the Human Rights Act clearly includes the Right to Private and Family Life, home and correspondence, all of which the media has repeatedly disregarded.

Not very long ago, the Duke of Sussex received a hefty sum along with a formal apology from Splash News and Picture Agency. Splash had earlier used a helicopter to take pictures of the Duke and Duchess at their new residence, the Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, and was sued by Prince Harry for their wrongful act. However, this time the Sun and the Daily Mirror may not get away with their antics. It may be recollected that almost seven years ago, Prince William made a similar move against the French Media house for publishing topless pictures of his wife and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Back then, the royal couple were vacationing in Provence but were apparently followed by snoopy paparazzi.

Software Reviews

Chat With Strangers Apps

Are you feeling lonely, depressed and feeling that need to befriend someone new? Or do you just want to pour out your worries or the way you feel to someone you’ll never have to face? Well, that’s a phase everyone goes through, and a great way to get over it is to chat with strangers. Moreover, you can do that from the comfort of your home through the many chat with strangers apps available.

The coolest thing about using these apps to chat with strangers is that most of these don’t require you to reveal your whereabouts. Well, if that sounds like something you really want to do then here’s a list of some of the best apps to chat with strangers. Most of these let you retain your anonymity so you need not worry about bumping into someone who knows your dirty little secrets. These chat with strangers apps guarantee anonymity so you don’t have to worry about being exposed — not unless you reveal yourself voluntarily to someone. Let us now discuss some of the best apps to chat with strangers.

List of Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

It was in 2009 that Omegle, the first website to let its users chat with strangers, was released. This was indeed a trend that was going to stick around for quite some time because people simply loved it and welcomed it with open arms. After all, chatting with strangers is indeed an exciting experience and a remarkable opportunity for those who crave to communicate with others. So, while Omegle seems to have lost its charm to spambots, let us look for some other useful options to chat with strangers from mobile or desktop.

Anonymous Chat

To use this chat with stranger app all you need to do is download it from here and set your age and gender. Next, you need to do the same for the one you wish to chat with, and the app requirements and interlocutor based on your preferences. It’s that simple!

So if you are looking out for an app to chat with strangers without having to create a profile, then this one’s for you. The Anonymous chat app lets you retain your anonymity in the truest sense. You can start chatting on this one without even creating a profile and converse from behind the scenes. So that lets you unleash the beast within, without the fear of being identified.


You also have the option to choose the gender or age group of the person you wish to chat with, who is referred to as the “interlocutor”. However, you can save a chat if you wish to but can be sure that you and the other person or interlocutor, both would remain anonymous despite that. After all the research that we did, we managed to pull out this is one, and it really comes with no strings attached.

Why did we recommend this Chat with strangers app?

  • It offers absolute anonymity and doesn’t even require you to create a profile.
  • You can save chats but that does not compromise the anonymity of either party to the conversation.
  • Ideal for those exploring their preferences.

Download Anonymous Chat to chat with strangers on Android for free

Moco Space

Connect and chat with strangers right across the street, or across the oceans with Moco Chat. With over 100 million users, Moco Space is one of the best apps that let you chat with strangers from anywhere, anytime. Also, Moco Chat lets you keep your identity confidential while you chat with strangers. However, that’s not it! We recommend this free chat with stranger app because of what we’ve found out. According to our research, we’ve found out that this ‘chat with stranger’ platform has zero-tolerance towards fake profiles.


The diverse chatrooms on this ‘chat with strangers’ app let you choose one that interests you, thereby giving you the option to either converse individually, or in groups. You can converse about keno or Cannes, whatever you find interesting. If you are looking for a real friend that you can meet in the cafe down the lane, then you can easily do that. Just sort out your options based on your location and you are good to go. You can also play games like Street Wars with your friends on Moco. That leaves you with a ton of options that you can explore and make your boring life exciting.

Why do we recommend this Chat with strangers app?

  • Lets you connect with over 100 million users.
  • Has zero-tolerance towards fake profiles.
  • You can choose region-wise “strangers” and befriend them.
  • Lets you play some exciting games like Street Wars.

Download Moco, the free chat with strangers App on Android
Download Moco, the free chat with strangers App on iOS


If you like saying hello to strangers then try Holla, a free chat with stranger app that lets you randomly connect with those who fulfill your very specific search criteria. In fact, the ability to narrow down makes this chat with stranger app a great place to find the right people. No wonder it has always been a favorite of those who enjoy chatting with strangers. Also, if you are done with the bots on Omegle, this Platform is quite a relief as most of the profiles are genuine.


Why do we recommend this Chat with strangers app?

  • Holla has a strong reputation for being free from bots and fake profiles.
  • You can considerably narrow down your search by using the search filters on this chat with strangers app.
  • Better safety as compared to other chat with stranger apps.

Download Holla, the free chat with strangers App on Android
Download Holla, the free chat with strangers App on iOS

Meet Me

This is a place where close to a hundred million people jam-up from all over the world to connect and make friends. So if you are looking out for an app to chat with strangers or to chat with random people, then you’ve got to try out this one. Meet Me has a point-based system that hoards up “lunch-money” and you can use it to “buy” friends or to unlock certain features that make you seem more popular on this platform.


Why do we recommend this Chat with strangers app?

  • This free chat with strangers app offers better privacy settings.
  • Most of its features are free, but if you are really in a hurry to find friends, then you can even buy Meet Me credits to speed up the process.
  • You can stream yourself Live with MeetMe Live. You can also send “hearts” to someone else if you like what they are streaming.

Download Meet Me, the free app to chat with strangers on Android
Download Meet Me, the free app to chat with strangers on iOS



Do you want to have Quick Chat without leaving behind any traces of your conversation? Well, then try getting on this chat with strangers app that has earned accolades for not storing any chat logs. Now that leaves you with the option to do all the stuff that you always wished to but could not muster the courage to. This app requires you to be a major, who has completed 18 years of age in order to abide by its terms and conditions and to start using it. There are ways to get around this you could also wait until you turn 18.

Why do we recommend this free Chat with strangers app?

This chat with strangers app does not store chat logs.
It comes with flexible entry criteria.

Download RandoChat, the free app to chat with strangers on Android
Download RandoChat, the free app to chat with strangers on iOS



Qeep is the place to go to if you intend to find pals within your vicinity, irrespective of where you stay. Although best known as a dating app, Qeep doubles up as an outstanding free chat with stranger app and you can make some really cool friends on it. On the whole, this app lets you chat with strangers and connect with them, but at your own risk. If you are wondering how you can randomly chat with strangers from the very region where you are put up, then try Qeep’s near-flawless location-based search tool.

Why do we recommend this free Chat with strangers app?

  • The registration process is pretty straight forward and you can do it in a couple of seconds via your Facebook account or your email address. Psst… you can also create a dummy profile.
  • Qeep isn’t a place for kids and requires the user to confirm their email address, and birth details in order to complete the registration.
  • Although it permits registration by email address, there is no strict verification required for you to get started. So do you really have to wait until you grow up? Think Again!
  • Most of the features are available to paid members only.

Download Qeep, the free app to chat with strangers on Android
Download Qeep, the free app to chat with strangers on iOS



Are you looking out for a mix of Facebook and WhatsApp? Well, then it’s time you tried out Tagged, a popular social discovery platform. Just like you can filter the demographics of the desired person on Facebook, so can you on this platform. This is one of your most trusted platforms and has been around for over a decade and a half. Currently, there are over 300 million users of this platform worldwide, and that gives you enough options to find the right stranger to chat with.

You could also find that “beautiful stranger” just down the lane, through this spectacular platform. Although not mandatory but if you really want to keep a tab on who’s been checking out your profile and a lot more than that then you can upgrade your profile to the VIP status. That is basically a premier service and something that you may have to pay for. However, we’d like to clarify that when it comes to connecting and chatting with strangers, this platform is absolutely free.

Why do we recommend this Chat with strangers app?

  • This is one of the most credible chat with strangers platform.
  • It has over 300 million profiles
  • Unlike other chat with strangers’ apps, this one offers you the option to upgrade to the premium version and keep track of who’s been lurking around your profile.

Download Tagged, the free chat with strangers app on Android
Download Tagged, the free chat with strangers app on iOS



Feeling that need to connect with someone who really understands you? Shares similar interests? If that’s a ‘Yes’ then you can try Chatous, which is one of the best apps to chat with strangers who share similar interests. Simply find the right “strangers” based on hashtags and you are good to go.

Although Chatous requires you to create a profile, they are prudent enough to keep it ‘non-searchable’ and this keeps your identity safe. With extremely powerful servers, this chat with strangers app also lets you share media files, which are later deleted automatically. This should keep you relaxed about keeping your details hidden because more often than not, you’d not want any of that to be reproduced.

Why do we recommend this Chat with Strangers App?

  • You can connect with strangers who share similar interests and search them through hashtags.
  • Keeps your profile in the non-searchable mode, thereby ensuring better security.
  • Lets you share media files which are later auto-deleted.

Download Chatous, the free app to chat with strangers on Android
Download Chatous, the free app to chat with strangers on iOS



This is one of the coolest apps to char with strangers and is rapidly gaining popularity for being a “matchmaker”. With over 20 million matches to choose from, this free app to chat with stranger app is nothing less than a cupid. You can search the right stranger based on your preferences and also select the reason so that you can catch up in case something works out. Although this platform lets you share data confidentially, we do not recommend that you do this. With over 300 million downloads this chat with strangers app lets you connect with people from over 130 countries.

Download Azar, the free app to Chat with Strangers on Android
Download Azar, the free app to Chat with Strangers on iOS

We have tested and compiled a comprehensive list of apps to chat with strangers and out of the hundreds available, we found some success on the above listed. Please don’t forget to share your story and let us know how the above-listed apps to chat with strangers have helped you overcome tough times. We’d be glad to hear that from you in the comments section. However, we urge you not to reveal your personal identities or any personally identifiable data to anyone through any of the above-listed chat with strangers apps.

Online Business Marketing WordPress Tutorials

Best Free WordPress Themes for Businesses

Free WordPress themes for businesses are an extremely popular category with many options available for businesses of all sizes. However, since most large businesses tend to have their web developers doing the job for them, we shall focus on exploring the best free WordPress themes for businesses that are smaller and require you to do your own design. When I say small businesses, it includes both small businesses and self-employed professionals.

The WordPress repository offers you a plethora of options that are free and highly customizable and so you can choose the one that is closest to your business type. To help you make the choice, we have found some of the most popular and highly rated free WordPress themes for businesses. These themes not only exhibit stunning designs but also load extremely fast which makes it your best pick from an SEO perspective. Let us now dive into the best free WordPress themes available in the WordPress repository.


Astra is a fast and very lightweight theme with less than 50KB on the frontend. It is one of the most popular free WordPress themes for businesses with over 600,000 active installations and a 5-star rating from 3000+ users. This theme can be used to create or customize any kind of website but is particularly popular as a free WordPress theme for businesses. It can be used by self-employed professionals to create professional portfolios or to create websites with online stores. In fact, it is this versatility of the Astra theme that makes it one of the most sought-after free WordPress themes for businesses.

The Astra theme comes with pre-built templates from which you can choose the one that appeals to you. By making the right choice, you can save up time that you would have to spend on customization of your website. If you have very specific needs then you can choose a random template and redesign or customize it. You can do all of that without coding, and can take your design to the next level by using page builder plugins such as Elementor, DIVI, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, and more. You can configure the layout settings and adjust header options, colors, and fonts. The whole website template can be adjusted to fit and match your brand and this ability to fully customize the website earns it the top spot in this list of free WordPress themes for businesses.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable
  • Ready-to-use
  • Lightweight
  • Translation & RTL ready
  • Large library of website templates
  • Optimized for SEO
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Support for page builders.

Astra is one of the few free WordPress themes for businesses that are compatible with Yoast and LearnDash. For more advanced features, you need to upgrade to the pro version.


OceanWP is a fully customizable and multipurpose free WordPress theme for businesses, which comes with essential necessary features to design a business-oriented website. It features several demo WordPress website templates with which you can get your website started, or you can customize your preferred template to match your brand using the theme’s page builder plugin integration. An important attribute of OceanWP is that it has arguably the fastest page load time of any WordPress theme, which is a pre-requisite to driving traffic onto your website, which of course, is in addition to its other built-in SEO features. You can customize the templates for mobile and tablets, and also developers can extend its open-source code to meet their preferences.

Key Features

  • Responsive – Desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Fastest page load time
  • Built-in SEO features
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Large collections of extensions
  • Customer support
  • Page builder support – Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, Brizy, and more.

You can enhance its functionalities with features such as Popup Login, Stick It, Cookie Notice, and Instagram.


Neve is another multi-purpose free WordPress theme for businesses, which come with a very professional and sleek look. It features WordPress website templates for all small business websites – web agency, podcast, beauty shop, IT, VR studio, makeup artist, travel, accounting, and more. Neve is lightweight and highly responsive on all platforms – desktop and mobile devices – and compatible with AMP websites. It has a minimalist design, comes with SEO best practices built-in and is easily extendable. You can import demo websites and customize them with Live Customizer or make use of its page builder integrations. You can easily redesign the header and footer and adjust the page layout, colors, fonts, and more using the drag and drop feature.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable
  • AMP compatibility
  • SEO features built-in
  • Gutenberg integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Support for page builder plugins – Divi, Brizy, Elementor, Visual Composer, and more.

The pro version of this WordPress theme for businesses comes with several advanced features, including WooCommerce Booster, Elementor Booster, White Label, and custom layouts.


Hestia is the next free theme on this list of free WordPress themes for businesses and is indeed designed for all types of small businesses. It comes with a variety of free starter sites for creative businesses, startups, online agencies, personal portfolios, blogs, small businesses, and also for corporate businesses and storefronts.

You can get started with the ready-made starter sites and redesign them to your preferences with the Live Customizer and see the changes in real-time. You can also employ the Gutenberg and page builder integrations to customize the various aspects of the website. Hestia comes with a plugin that adds client testimonials, email subscribe form and contact form section to the homepage. It also has mega menus with which you can customize your submenu content.

Key Features

  • Material UI Kit
  • SEO friendly
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Page builder plugin integrations
  • Mega menus
  • Widgetized footer
  • Sendinblue integration
  • Customer support.

Hestia is compatible with Flat Parallax Slider, Photo Gallery, and Travel Map. It also comes with video tutorials to guide you through the process of building a website using its WordPress website templates.


Sydney is one of the best free WordPress themes for businesses and comes with all the necessary features to build an outstanding website. It is excellent for small businesses and freelance websites and a good fit for agencies and corporate businesses also. Sydney offers you loads of customization options; you can customize the website fonts and layout, add colors and logo, and do much more. It also provides you access to all Google Fonts, full-width image slider, header image, sticky navigation, and more. You can use this free WordPress theme for businesses to quickly design your homepage using the built-in Elementor blocks. You can also animate your website’s background using the parallax background feature. Sydney also comes with social media tools to improve engagement with your customers.

Key Features

  • Powerful Theme Customizer
  • Access to Google Fonts
  • Custom Elementor Blocks
  • Elementor integration
  • Parallax Backgrounds
  • Social media tools
  • Translation ready

Sydney comes with comprehensive documentation that contains information on each of its features, and it also offers free customer support regardless of the version you choose – free or pro.


Shapely is a minimalistic one-page WordPress theme for businesses and is best suited for eCommerce stores, landing pages, small businesses, personal websites, magazines, and all other kinds of websites. It comes with loads of customization options, plugin support, widgets, and is SEO friendly. Shapely is compatible with all web platforms – desktop and mobile – and fits all screen resolutions. It is a Retina-ready WordPress theme that projects sharp texts, vibrant colors, and amazing vectorized icons on high-resolution Retina Displays. It comes with unlimited color options, vector-based icons, and Hero Image feature to highlight your most important content and for call to action. Shapely supports several third-party plugins and features homepage widgets to add parallax sections, product or service information, portfolio, and more.

Key Features

  • Homepage widgets
  • Retina-ready
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Vectorized icons
  • Support for third-party plugins – Google Analytics, Contact Form 7, Jetpack, Yoast SEO, iThemes Security, W3 Total Cache, and more.

Shapely provides customer support services for all users and can be easily contacted via the support forum.


As its name suggests, Photography is a WordPress theme that comes with WordPress website templates specifically designed for photographers, photo studios, photography agencies, and also portfolios and bloggers. It has over 70 pre-designed photo gallery and portfolio templates and features 24 predefined demos with which you can get started. You can commercialize the website with the WooCommerce integration, password protect your galleries, photo proof, and protect your customer information. The Photography WordPress business theme also provides you with access to Google Fonts, unlimited color options, video section, advanced typography, font size options, and more. You can customize the sidebar layout, slider text position, gallery layout, slider/video content position, and much more.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable
  • Homepage widgets
  • Video support
  • Social media integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Content and Customer Protection
  • SEO friendly
  • Third-party plugin support – bbPress, WPForms, Newsletter, and Breadcrumb NavXT.

Photography is one of the few free WordPress themes for businesses, which offers customer support to all users. However, it is worth mentioning that the premium version comes with advanced features that make your website more professional and attractive.


The Himalayas is a one-page WordPress theme for businesses of all sizes, especially the smaller ones that must showcase their portfolios. That includes small businesses like agencies, photographers, travel bloggers, etc… This particular theme finds a place in this list of WordPress themes for businesses because it takes the one-page parallax design to another level. That enables the visitors to get all the necessary information about your products or services right from the homepage, which is something that most small businesses crave for. It comes with a beautiful image slider that is perfect to display your important content and a host of homepage widgets; Call to Action, Blog Section, Portfolio and Service Listings, Contact Us, Our Team Information, and more. There is also a transparent sticky menu and search box on top. The Himalayas provides you with loads of customization options with its Live Customizer, and you can write custom CSS to redesign the look and feel of the theme.

Key Features

One-page parallax
WooCommerce compatibility
Homepage widgets
SEO best practices integrated
Custom CSS

The pro version offers WMPL compatibility, header video, and more homepage widgets and customization options.


Zakra is a modern and versatile multi-purpose free WordPress theme for businesses, which comes with awesome features that are perfect for startups, freelance sites, niche-based sites, WooCommerce stores, personal blogs, portfolios, and more. Zakra provides you with over 30 ready-made starter websites and demos to set up your website. You can customize various components of the theme using the Live Customizer and the integrated page builders, which include Elementor. You can tailor it to match your brand and also highlight what your business does with the header background image. Zakra is compatible with all web platforms and AMP sites.

Key Features

  • Very fast and lightweight
  • SEO friendly
  • Elementor, Gutenberg and WooCommerce integration
  • 7+ widget areas
  • RTL ready
  • Multi-translation support.
  • Zakra also offers excellent customer support and it is fully GDPR compatible.


Airi is another multi-purpose free WordPress theme for businesses such as online agencies, freelancers, startups, and corporates. It provides users with a host of premade demos that can be imported to get your website started. You can customize these premade WordPress website templates with the WordPress Customizer and Elementor page builder. These enable you to customize the page layout and fonts, add colors and background images, and more. Airi provides you with WooCommerce support, access to more than 600 Google Fonts, plus it is translation ready.

Key Features

  • Elementor integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Customization options
  • Google Fonts
  • SEO support
  • Translation ready.

Also available are several homepage widgets, including client testimonials, blog section, call to action, service information.

The abovementioned are some of the best free WordPress themes for businesses that we have listed on the basis of functionality, speed, and ease of use. Although these are good to get started, it is often observed that websites with unique design get the extra point in Google Search. If you wish to buy premium themes, then let us know in the comments below and we will soon have a list of the best premium WordPress themes for businesses.

WordPress Tutorials

What is WordPress | The Ultimate Guide to Create a WordPress Website

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what is WordPress, and you have no clue about what it is, then no worries. We’ve covered it all up for you and here’s everything you need to know about it. In fact, our intensive research won’t just tell you what is WordPress, but will also provide you useful information such as the functionalities of this platform, its pros and cons, and much more. We will brief you with every little piece of info you need to know about WordPress, so let’s get started!

WordPress is one of the best platforms to get your work started or to establish your online presence. If you are completely new to the online world then look at it as the engine that powers a website. The best part is that you can do it for free. That means no more limited features but access to complete features of this tool and that’s what makes WordPress unique and one of the best content management systems.

WordPress is the tool you would use to design the appearance and add the various functionalities to your website. You can get a head-start with a free WordPress theme to make things easier or use one of the two leading front-end page builders — Elementor and DIVI to design your website from scratch. You can also combine the two and choose a theme that is both free and compatible with either of the two-page builders.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that’s built with PHP and MySQL. The PHP is used for front end designing while the MySQL constitutes the backend database of this platform. To put it in layman’s lingo, WordPress is the most widely used blogging and website content management system (or CMS). No wonder this platform powers up over 35% of all websites on the internet and has the largest market share.

Designed with usability and adaptableness in mind, WordPress is a scalable solution that is ideal for websites of all sizes. It is undoubtedly a superb CMS that can be used by a wide range of websites. From blogging to e-commerce to business and portfolio websites, there’s hardly anything you cannot design on this platform.

Initially, the makers of WordPress built this platform to offer bloggers a free platform to blog on, but eventually it grew into one of the largest CMS, mainly because its free. Also, users can easily manage their blogs, collaborate with others, and add functionalities through WordPress plugins. This wasn’t the case with WordPress’ predecessors, and there was a need to hire a developer or learn advanced web development to manage a website. Adding functionalities to the website also required advanced knowledge of coding, which is no longer the case — at least not when you use WordPress.

What is a WordPress Website?

A WordPress website is any website that’s powered by WordPress and uses WordPress as its CMS (content management system). WordPress enables access to the backend of the website and also controls the front-end, which is how the viewer sees the website. The backend is usually known as the admin area and has controls to how and what you wish to display on the front end.

Let us now check out some types of WordPress websites that you can create:


A blog is more like an online diary or a chronicle of something that you wish to share with the world. Usually, Bloggers create a blog on a topic that they are passionate about and therefore, it is an exclusive kind of website that publishes content revolving around a particular hobby. Usually, bloggers share content such as their thoughts, photos, experiences, reviews, tutorials, etc… Not every blog is a hobbyist’s initiative and there are some awesome people out there who use blogging to transform this world.

Example – My Favorite Blogger is Bill Gates who shares meaningful content on his personal blog

E-Commerce Website

An e-commerce website lets you create an online store that you can use to sell goods or services online and collect payment via an internet payment system. You can do this by installing an eCommerce WordPress theme or by using a WordPress e-commerce plugin to extend the default functionality of WordPress and create your online store. You can also integrate third-party store builders like WooCommerce or Shopify to your WordPress website and the possibilities are limitless.

Business Site

Online presence is a must for businesses of all sizes and the key is to power it with scalable and easy-to-use technology. This is exactly what you can do with a WordPress website and that too without hiring a designing team to do that for you. You can add several business-related functionalities such as Contact, Request-for-Quote, Booking and Scheduling appointments, and more. Here are some WordPress booking Plugins that you can add to your Business Site today.

Membership website

A membership website allows you to restrict content viewability and sell subscription-based access to your Members. In other words, it enables you to put content behind a paywall or an account login. You can add this functionality to your website and sell premium content like a Pro by simply installing a WordPress Membership Plugin. Once you do that and set up the WordPress Membership Plugin, your users or members will have to use a premium log in credentials that you provide them with.

Portfolio website

If you are an independent contractor, self-employed professional, a firm, or an agency then you need to showcase your skills to potential clients. You can do so in an effective manner by creating a WordPress Portfolio website that showcases your work. If you are an artist or a web designer, then you can list your artwork and graphics to earn the trust of potential customers. Also, you can add in your professional profile and achievements. There are many free WordPress themes that you can use to create WordPress Portfolio websites.

Forum website

With so many people using the world wide web, it is critical to provide them with a platform to interact with you and also with one other. Doing that helps you build a community and get targeted users on a single platform. You can create a forum on your existing WordPress website or create a forum website and connect it to your business site. This works extremely well for small businesses and social media influencers who wish to build a community.

Event website

WordPress makes it easier than ever to create an event website and to interact with those interested in it. You can use a WordPress plugin for bookings, collecting emails, and even to sell tickets on your event website.

E-learning website

Online learning culture has grown exponentially and there are students and professionals who take various online courses. So, if you have specialized in a certain field and wish to share your expertise by setting up an e-learning website then you can do that through a WordPress website. You can then impart online courses, track individual progress, download resources, and more.

Wedding website

If you wish to create an online wedding website to share an invite, pre-matrimonial photographs, and other fond memories then you can easily create it using WordPress. Doing this gives you absolute control over your pictures because you own the domain and pay for the hosting. So, you own the website and all the content that’s posted on it.

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System, better known by its abbreviated form CMS is a massive software application that consists of several programs that help manage your website’s data. It helps classify and present your content to the reader in a user-friendly manner, which in turn drives organic traffic. A good CMS would be one that is flexible and can offer several functionalities. Also, one that integrates other software applications, such as third-party digital marketing tools that you may purchase.

What is WordPress used for?

The big question — what WordPress is used for — has no definite answer. It’s like asking ‘What is a car used for?’ Obviously to drive, but the destination is something that you need to decide. Likewise, WordPress is used to manage and present a website’s content in a user-friendly manner. How you do that or why you do that is completely subjective and no matter what you intend to do with it, you’ll always find a WordPress theme to help you get there.

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is a set of functionalities that gives your website the look and feel you wish to. With thousands of premium and free WordPress themes available in the WordPress repository, you can easily design a website for whichever business you wish to. Also, you can create an online store and sell your products or services through your WordPress website. Again, to do this you need to choose the right WordPress theme for your online store.

What is WordPress Plugin?

You often hear the word WordPress plugin and may have often found yourself wondering about it. So, as we’ve set out to demystify every teeny weenie bit of WordPress, we simply cannot miss out on what is a WordPress Plugin and what this word means. A WordPress Plugin is a short piece of code that you can use to add various functionalities to your WordPress website.

Can I use plugins if I host my website from other website not from WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) and the plugins created for WordPress are small pieces of code that add additional functionalities such as scrollbar, calendar, parallax etc… to your website. These functionalities could be style-based or for purposes such as SEO, but would still be just a piece of code that is compatible with the WordPress CMS. This CMS can be installed on any web host such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc… by installing the CMS on the server. So, if you switch from one web host to another then you can definitely backup your WordPress website and reinstall it. On the other hand, if you wish to migrate from WordPress to Wix or some other CMS then you may not be able to use it due to compatibility issues.

What happens to the videos and plugins of my wordpress site if the business plan expires?

If you have a WordPress hosting plan that’s about to expire, then you must purchase another hosting plan and install WordPress CMS. Alternately, you can choose to buy a WordPress hosting plan which comes with WordPress pre-installed on the server. Once you have done that, then backup all your content from the hosting that’s about to expire and upload it on the new hosting plan.

Benefits of using WordPress

Now that you know what is WordPress and the types of WordPress websites that you can create, you know that the possibilities are unlimited. Let us now move forward and analyze the key benefits of using WordPress as a CMS for your website.

Ease of Use

WordPress is a beginner-friendly platform that is easy to use and manage. So, you can easily build your website with it without hiring a web developer to manage the website for you. In fact, you can design an entire website from scratch without any prior experience in website development.

Absolutely Free

Most people confuse WordPress Hosting with WordPress and assume that this is a paid CMS. As a matter of fact, WordPress is absolutely free and you can even download it on your computer to practice web development. By website hosting, the web host only means that the software is installed on the server and the technologies support it. If you have some technical knowledge then you can as well buy a regular web hosting and install the WordPress CMS for free using cPanel or any other website control panel.


You can use WordPress to create various types of websites ranging from Business websites to eCommerce stores. Now that makes this platform truly unique.

No Prior knowledge required

You need not have any experience in building websites or designing them to get accustomed to WordPress. If you know the basics and are willing to put in the time and effort then you can get started in no time.

Open-source software

WordPress is open-source software that can be downloaded from for free. The WordPress CMS is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), so you know that no entity or individual has any type of proprietary right over it. Despite that, there are avid developers who spare no efforts in rolling out timely WordPress updates to fix glitches. Also, there is an interactive forum where you can post queries and get answers.


WordPress is a simple and straightforward CMS that eliminates the need to code in order to create a website. It’s a fact that the CMS is built using lengthy codes and so are the themes and plugins which may have editable code. However, there is no need for you to know any of that in order to create a basic website. You can add in functionalities using plugins, which are code snippets that let you perform a certain function on your WordPress site.

Add more functionality

WordPress is an extremely flexible platform that you can use in any way you please. Without writing a single line of code, you can use WordPress plugins to sell subscriptions by using membership WordPress plugins, add calendar, or even create forums. These plugins are readily available in the WordPress repository and can be downloaded with just a few clicks.

Design as you want

You can download from a multitude of WordPress themes that provide you with different designs and layouts. You can then choose one that’s the closest to the design that you have in mind and download and activate it. Once you’ve done that then you can customize them according to your needs. Also, if you are bored of your current design, you can change it whenever you please.


Nothing on internet is absolutely safe and therefore to claim that WordPress is any of that would be a false claim. Nevertheless, WordPress development team works hard to release security patches in its updates from time to time and offers better security.

Active Community

WordPress users are an active clan and you can interact with them on the WordPress community forums or in meetups and camps organized exclusively for WordPress users. This provides you with a platform to interact with those who have already been there and done that. If you are a self-starter then this could enable you to expand your skillset.

Premium features

Although WordPress is absolutely free, there are concerns about free WordPress plugins and themes. As these are created by third-parties it could contain malicious code and that led to the development of the premium market. You can find many premium WordPress themes and plugins from reliable companies that come with clean code and support.

Disadvantages of WordPress

WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS, which is a popular platform among content creators across the globe. This platform currently dominates the market with a heavy bunch of loyalists who never seem to get enough of it. However, despite its widespread popularity, this platform has its own set of drawbacks, which we shall now discuss.

WordPress Disadvantage #1 – PHP version

You may have heard about all the good stuff that comes with regular WordPress updates, but did you know that quite a few people have been experiencing serious compatibility issues? This only gets more frustrating when there are technical glitches that are absolutely out of the website owner’s control.

Like for example, if your web hosting service provider makes use of a certain version of PHP which isn’t compatible with the latest WordPress update, then things don’t go well.

This is a fact, which was tested by my team personally, and many other users, as you can see here.

Again, there is every possibility that the latest WordPress Update is incompatible with user’s customizations or plugins. No long ago, my websites used certain formatting, which was compatible with WordPress before. However, post update, this platform did not take into account any of those customizations.

This simply means that if your website’s formatting does not match with the latest rollout of this tool, your website could crash into nothingness without any prior warning. Also, as soon as you are finished installing, there are so many other updates that you need to look into. This will consume a lot of your precious time and may take hours and hours to install.

At times, even the processing of the database is prolonged, which will certainly waste your time and may even erase some of your data. Therefore, it requires you to backup your data on a regular basis to ensure the safety and security of your website’s data. Also, not to forget that with every update, the size of the tool increases exponentially, which makes the system slower and sloppier.

Security Concerns

Let me be clear with the position of WordPress in the market — it is the King of all the Content Management Systems and has the largest market share. As the industry’s frontrunner, WordPress is also the most targeted CMS in the industry. After all, when someone’s at the top, everyone aspires to take your place by pulling you down. In the case of WordPress, this is done by introducing threats or by exploiting vulnerabilities.

In the world of computers and the internet, the main threats come from potential hackers with devious intentions who create bugs and worms and all sorts of malicious viruses to break into a protected network. Such malware can be very dangerous for the tool as well as for its users. Just think about what can happen if your customer data was stolen? Even worse, if that data belonging to customers from the EU, who are protected under GDPR.

The risk of losing customer data and other confidential data can be really frustrating and preventing them would deprive you of all the benefits that of WordPress. As a matter of fact, most cybercriminals create backdoor by manipulating plugins and themes with malicious code. These are the same plugins that allow you to make use of a host of functionalities such as lead capturing, designing, optimizing and every other feature you can think of.

WordPress largely relies on WordPress plugins when it comes to allowing additional functionalities to its users, without coding. However, since it is an open-source platform, the WordPress plugin repository isn’t regulated and may contain potentially dangerous WordPress plugins.

To counter this issue, WordPress needs to establish a strong regulatory mechanism, to ensure that all the WordPress plugins and themes in its repository are free from malware. However, considering the size of this platform (which has increased exponentially) having such a mechanism seems like a tough thing to do.

A bunch of add-on software and certain security measures may increase the security level of your website or data like a security scanner, SFTP encryptions, file permissions, removing footprints and even changing the table prefix, etc. Constant updates in the tool are mandatory; not updating the tool brings along yet another set of problems.


WordPress is a widely used tool which is used by everyone, everywhere, but this does not give it a reason to become slow or sluggish. The significant use of heavy plugins and busy databases is the reason for the tool to gradually slow down.

Having your Management system to work efficiently, you have to make sure that your system has a capable CPU to draw power from along with proper RAM and storage. Not just this, on user’s end also the lack of reliable CDN and hosting, huge images or too many post revisions may also affect the sluggishness of the tool.

WordPress, instead of using an efficient and capable support community, has an open space community, which invites a lot of traffic to the website, creating more lousiness in the system.

No Dedicated Support Team

The problem with WordPress is that there is no ‘Support’ page on the tool. The bad support page, which pops up, is a result of a teenager’s mind who created a blog function putting in function over function to what is developed of it today. WordPress cherishes non-technical users who may not provide proper accurate or technical solutions to the problems, but it is assured that they will provide with a non-certified easiest quickest solution to a problem like installing free plug-ins to solve an issue. Resistance is not so much liked by most users of WordPress or any other organization. Every individual wants his tasks to be done without a stoppage or a barrier, which, is not practically possible. There are problems on this support page, which has no line-by-line answer with proper illustrations and steps. If a user has no prior knowledge about the technical aspects of WordPress, he may find himself in the stars. Thus, a proper support page with ethical and verified solutions need to be posted on WordPress.

Not all plugins work

Being an open-source model of information, there are random anonymous people adding their personal information to post on their websites. For this purpose, they require plugins. The free plugin section of WordPress contains all sorts of poorly built and well-built plugins, which may or may not work. WordPress should have all of the available plugins to work in order to maintain its high status in the market. This unreliability of ‘might work or might not work’ is frustrating on some level.

Crash and Login Issues

Opening the dashboard to access your essential files and there you find,’ WordPress Login Temporarily Disabled.’ How would you feel? That rage when you cannot even access your own files due to some server error is wild. The website crashes a lot too, with the ‘unable to log in to the dashboard until the block expires’ message.

A Content Management Tool of number one status on the Internet cannot afford to have such petty issues. I rarely see any other top website crashing so often and displaying errors like these. This can be because of many reasons, out of which server hacking, server not responding and ISP issue are most probable. How can a user rely on a tool, which cannot even depend on itself? Sharing personal information on websites like these is clearly not satisfactory for many users, but again it also is for most of them.

Gets Bloated up with time

WordPress does get bloated with passing time. For the first months, every process will be speedy and effective, but with passing time, the processes start taking more time, the loading time increases, websites start to crash, and many other problems take place. All of this bloating in the tool takes place in a critic’s opinion because of its writing code, PHP. PHP, which was also used to write the algorithms for Facebook and Tumblr. Not just this, in today’s time, over eighty percent of the web is made of PHP. It has its own pros and cons.

Another reason, which could be the reason for its bloating, is the size of its code. Most HTML codes and themes are bloated in nature. Users need to install minifiers, which reduces the size of the bloated software to make it run effectively and efficiently. Thus, with time, WordPress gets crowded with images and other multimedia data, which makes the system run slower and sluggish.

These are the main seven disadvantages of using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). In my highest opinion, I blame the use of PHP for coding WordPress in such a primary and elementary programming language. According to a critic, PHP is used to teach non-programmers, how to do programming. It is a very essential and crucial programming language in the history of programmers, but slowly and steadily, things can become better if proper measures are taken to make the top position seem worth. Of course, there are other factors discussed above which make WordPress, not the best option for CMS, but looking at the websites developed from WordPress, its benefits are much more than its disadvantages.


What is SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are the abbreviation of Security Socket layer certificates that are installed on a web server by the website owner. SSL Certificates enable the website to run on the HTTPS protocol, instead of the insecure HTTP protocol and encrypts the communication exchanged between a server and a client or between two mail servers. So, when you submit your personal details on a website, then SSL Certificates activate the HTTPS protocol which prevents the in-transit data from being intercepted by unauthorized persons. This upholds the integrity of the data that is exchanged and retains its confidentiality.

SSL Certificate and Cryptography

An SSL Certificate is a bunch of small files that make use of cryptography to verify server and client authenticity. The SSL Certificate links the domain name and the server name that you can get from your web hosting service provider. Its successful installation is denoted by a green padlock in the URL box but that only means that the communication between the server and the client computer is encrypted. 

 The Green Padlock does not indicate that the business is legitimate or otherwise because any website owner can get an SSL Certificate. So, the sole interpretation of the green padlock is the secure transmission of data from the cybersecurity point. The website could still be fake and created by scammers unless they make use of a specific type of SSL Certificate which we shall discuss later.

Why Use an SSL Certificate?

As SSL Certificates help prevent illegal access to personal and confidential information such as phone numbers, credit card numbers, emails, usernames, and addresses from hackers, installing one is strongly recommended. Doing that helps create a safe and trustworthy environment for buyers and sellers to transact online. 

Moreover, the HTTPS protocol, which is HTTP on SSL Certificate is now a globally accepted security standard, which is also prescribed under laws and regulations such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). So, if you are involved in any type of online business then it is obvious that you accept online payments or personal information, or both. 

Since this involves the exchange of financial data and personally identifiable information, you would be required to comply with the PCI DSS requirements. If you are operating in the EU region then you would also be liable to comply with the GDPR requirements. One of the key requirements under both GDPR and PCI DSS is to enable the HTTPS.

Who issues SSL Certificates?

SSL Certificates can be issued in two ways — self- signed SSL certificates and SSL certificates that are signed by reliable neutral third parties known as Certifying Authorities. Some well-known certifying authorities are GlobalSign, Symantec, Thawte, etc… So, you need to first decide which type of SSL Certificate you need.

 For the most part, we recommend using SSL certificates that are signed by reputed third parties because most operating systems and browsers come pre-loaded with their public keys. This may not be the case when you use a self-signed SSL certificate and the browser may not identify it as secure and shoot out a warning to the user.

Who Should Invest in an SSL Certificate?

If you own or manage a website or an online business that makes use of a website, then you must invest in an SSL certificate and there are many benefits of doing so. Nobody wishes to browse through a website that their trusted browser warns as insecure. So, to gain customer trust and to operate in a safe manner, you must make use of SSL certificates on your websites.

Benefits of Using an SSL Certificate

Now that we are through with what is SSL certificate and all the relevant basics, its time to understand the core benefits of installing one. SSL certificates offer more than just security for your users and come with several direct and indirect benefits. Moreover, there is no reason for you to not install one, since there so many cheap SSL certificates available. In fact, you can also get a free SSL certificate, which leaves you with no reason to skip installing one on your website. Let us now discuss some of the most important benefits of having an SSL Certificate installed for your website.

To begin with, SSL certificates play a pivotal role in enhancing the security of a website and earning all-round credibility. Regardless of how big or small your website or online business is, not having an SSL certificate exposes you to the possibility of being held liable for security breaches. With the sharp increase in cybercrimes, Governments all over the world are framing data privacy and personal privacy laws or making necessary amendments to their existing laws in order to protect the best interest of their citizens.

You will notice that most of these laws place a larger burden on the website owner, who is expected to adopt critical security measures such as installing an SSL Certificate and ensuring that the website runs on HTTPS. So, besides protecting your credit card numbers, the SSL certificate plays a more significant role — compliance. In case of a security breach, you could be held liable unless you guard necessary caution by fulfilling the mandatory requirements.

So, if you have a website or blog, then you must consider buying one and there are several cheap SSL certificates available. Personal data is precious and any security breach can lead to serious issues such as identity thefts and financial frauds. With an SSL certificate, your data is encrypted, and no one can retrieve it without having a decryption key.

Rank Better in Google with an SSL Certificate
An SSL is also used to boost your website’s ranking and brand value. Recently, Google updated its page ranking algorithm and added HTTPS as a ranking signal. This is a welcome initiative from Google which provides website owners with an incentive to install an SSL Certificate. So, if your website or blog has a working SSL certificate installed, then you are likely to rank better. Higher page ranking and a security cue in the URL Box is sure to win the trust of your visitors and make it easier to convert them.

Google made SSL mandatory to ensure a superior user experience and better safety. Although other websites that do not have an SSL certificate installed would continue to be there on the internet, such sites won’t rank high. You can easily identify such websites due to the security cues shown in the URL box. The browsers will be quick to notify you of the insecurity by showing a red cross mark indicating an insecure website.

PCI DSS Requirements for Secure Online Transactions
SSL certificates also enable your website to satisfy the PCI DSS requirements. If you do any business online, you must know something about the Payment Card Industry (PCI). To receive any form of payments on your website, it has to be a PCI DSS compliant website. One of the 12 primary requirements set by PCI is having an SSL certificate installed on your website. Therefore, SSL is mandatory, especially for e-commerce and freelancing sites.

Low Bounce Rate
Besides making your website appear trustworthy, SSL certificates also improve your search engine rankings and result in better conversions. That’s because visitors don’t bounce off your website, as they do when they notice that it is marked insecure by their browser.

Finally, if you think from a customer’s point of view, then you would know how difficult it is for them to trust a website that their favorite browser does not approve of. On the other hand, when they see the green padlock appear on your website, then they are more at ease while making online payments or submitting confidential data.

Software Reviews


Audacity Software for Audio Editing | The Ultimate Guide


What is Audacity Software?

Audacity Software is an extremely popular free software for audio editing, which is easy to learn and fun to use. This audio editing software is one of the oldest and most stable open-source software for audio editing and has been around for close to two decades. This Audio editing software works on various platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, and other Unix-based operating systems and is the most reliable free software for audio editing.

How to Download Audacity Software?

Downloading Audacity is a simple and straightforward process and just like any other application, you need to download it and install it on your computer.

Click on any of the above link depending on your computer’s Operating System to download the Audacity Software. You can then install it like any other software.

What Makes Audacity software the best software for audio editing?

What I like the most about this software is its ease of use, simplistic interface, and its multi-platform capabilities. All of this along with its outstanding editing functionalities makes it convenient to share audio files with your remote Audio Editor, who might be using an altogether different operating system. Nevertheless, the editor will still be able to download the audacity software and use it.

Also, the Audacity Software comes with several other useful features and is perfect for any Podcaster. It lets you effortlessly record live audio, or edit audio files imported from other media. Once you are done, you can easily export the audio file, post editing. Also, there are a host of effects that you can choose from like leveller, amplify, auto duck and more. As this tool comes with an assortment of useful features and is great for anyone from a podcaster to a pro-level editor, and everyone else in between. So, whether you are a freelancer who creates jingles for a living or a die-hard fan who enjoys creating cover songs, Audacity Software can be of great help.

Not long ago, certain glitches were found in the Audacity Software, which were quickly resolved by the makers of this free software for audio editing. To fix this, Team Audacity rolled out the latest version of Audacity Software, which is the 2.3.2 version, in May, 2019. The current version comes with some massive improvements, which includes fixing around 20 bugs found in its 2.3.1 version. The present version also includes LAME mp3 encoder, which was earlier not included, and the user had to download it separately.


  • Compatible with Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit, Mac and Linux.
  • You can record playback, but the minimum requirement for this is Windows Vista.
  • It lets you record live videos on-the-go.
  • You can edit, cut, mix or slice audio files according to your requirements.
  • You can edit a wide range of audio files, which includes WAV, MP2, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, or Ogg Vorbis and more.
  • It also supports other formats such as WMA, AC3, M4A, M4R, through libraries

Who Should Use the Audacity Software?

Audacity Software is great for those who wish to plunge into anything to do with audio content creation or modification. It could be for a school or college project or just to have some fun by creating funny content to share with your friends.

A decade and a half ago, when computer-based audio editing was still a new concept for many, I remember using it to surprise my friends. All I used to do is mix up videos from BSB songs with different audio files and show them to my friends, who would be amazed at my skills. Well, I wasn’t doing much except ripping off the Audio and Video files and mixing them. 

Coming back to who should use Audacity, I’d say that in 2020, if you are a YouTube Creator, Podcaster, or an Audio-Visual Editor, then Audacity software is something that you need to learn. That’s because during the initial days of content creation, it is very important for creators to keep their costs low. Plus, as a creator you probably have had a taste of how expensive editing software are.

Since Audacity is a free audio editing software, I highly recommend that you use it during that phase. The only downside is that you may get addicted to it and never want to use another audio editing software. After all, Audacity has a bunch of advanced audio editing tools that can make your content stand out. These tools are simply amazing when it comes to enhancing the effects of your audio files, noise reduction, audio mixing and more.

Final Conclusion
Although, you may have to spend some time to get your head around this audio editing software, it isn’t very difficult. The Audacity software is fairly simple and easy to learn without anyone teaching you how to use it. You can also make use of the large pool of resources available, which makes the entire process easy and convenient. Despite that, if you come across an issue, then you can post it on the user forum, and have it resolved in no time. 

Since Audacity Software is a free-to-download application, it does not come with all the technical capabilities that you might need. However, it is currently one of the very few free audio editing software available. So, if you are just getting started with podcasting or YouTubing, then this software would be very useful during the initial phase until your content is monetized and generates decent revenue. So, in my opinion, this software is great for podcasters, home recording, and freelance audio editing enthusiasts. However, for larger studios that have more technical requirements, Audacity Software isn’t the best pick.