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Do you have a bunch of websites that you wish to promote? Or do you have a diverse social media following and are on a lookout for the juiciest tidbits to promote? Here’s a workable solution for all your needs and that’s Share-A-Sale, one of the largest affiliate networks with over 3,900 affiliate programs to choose from. That gives you the flexibility to easily hop, skip and jump niches and find programs that generate the highest amount of revenue and is something that your target audience might be interested in.


Share-A-Sale is one of the most trusted platforms that has been around for close to 19 years, helping merchants and affiliates connect and grow mutually. As the name goes, Share-A-Sale works around the principle that you get paid for every sale that you generate for the merchant, whose product or service you’ve signed up to promote. This requires you to be prepped-up to start selling, and if you can manage to do that, then this affiliate marketplace is a goldmine.

The most striking feature of this affiliate marketplace is that the user operates straight from the website, without any additional software. Also, the signup process is straightforward, but it requires you to have a website in order to complete the process. Once you’ve signed up, you can search for affiliate programs based on several criteria. This includes finding programs that enable auto-approval and auto-payment. You can also sort them by categories, commission rates that the merchants offer, and several other parameters.

Once you start generating sales, then the merchant running that particular affiliate program, shares a predetermined slice of that revenue, with you. However, bear in mind that irrespective of how you choose to promote your affiliate links, you need to have a website to be able to sign up with this affiliate marketplace. So, if you have the ability to convert your target audience, then Share-A-Sale’s enormous potential can help skyrocket your affiliate business.

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