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How to make money online from home

Looking for ways to make money online from home? Tired of finding scammy “how to make money online from home” options that ask for a payment or security deposit? No worries! we are here to help you find legit work from home opportunities that you can explore for free.


People have more important and urgent reasons than ever to find another means of making money. With Covid-19 disrupting the global economy, people’s jobs are becoming unstable, some are already out of work, and others’ primary income is no longer sufficient to cover their bills.

While there are plenty of ways to get quick cash like selling your gently used clothes and trading your disposable electronics, they don’t last for long as you will eventually run out of personal properties to sell. There are numerous ways you can make money online in the long-term, and lots of people are taking advantage of them to make a living for themselves right from their home.

Here are some of the ways you can make money online with just your laptop and a good internet connection.

How to Make Money Online: 10 Real Ways

Start Dropshipping

Dropshipping is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to make money online. This business model accounts for about 23% (about $85.1 billion) of all online sales globally, and its market size is projected to reach $557.9 billion by 2025 according to a study conducted by Grandview research. Despite the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, this way of making money online is still growing strong with statistics from Google Trends showing that people are still searching for dropshipping terms.

For those that don’t understand the concept of dropshipping or if this is your first time of hearing about it, dropshipping is a supply chain model where you sell a product without having it in stock. That is, when a customer buys the product from your store, it is shipped directly from the wholesaler to the customer.

There are several dropshipping companies that will help you get started; handling shipping, storing inventory, and capital for purchasing the inventory. Some of the well-known dropshipping companies include Modalyst, Oberlo, SaleHoo, and Spocket. These companies serve as plugins for Wix and Shopify, which means you need to create a website to access them. You can also start dropshipping without a site by opening a seller account on Amazon or eBay, but there are some limitations.

To make money online through dropshipping, you need to employ good marketing strategies that will allow you to reach as many potential customers as possible. These include running Facebook ads, social media marketing, email and text marketing, starting content marketing, and also using up-selling and cross-selling. You need to also adapt to marketing trends as they evolve.


Start an Affiliate Website

Although its popularity has been fluctuating over the years, affiliate marketing is still one of the best and most stable ways to make money online. There are several popular websites that generate their revenue mainly from affiliate marketing; Wirecutter, which was acquired by the New York Times, Lucieslist, Bitcatcha, and Outdoorgearlab. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that there is no limitation to the kind of company for which you can become an affiliate. Companies like Bluehost to companies like Uber all have affiliate programs. In essence, you can do affiliate marketing in any kind of niche.

Affiliates make money by promoting another person’s or company’s products and services. You earn a commission whenever someone clicks the link to the website you’re affiliated with and buys their product. While the money from a commission might be small and slowly trickle in, you can always be an affiliate for various companies and put as many affiliate links on your blog post as possible.

The most effective way to make money online by affiliate marketing is to start content marketing. Having your website allows you to leverage assets such as web pages, subscribers, and traffic to generate an income. With content marketing, you won’t get caught off-guard when your partner stops its affiliate program. All you need to do is edit your blog post and change the affiliate link to that of another company in the same niche.


While blogging serves as a hobby to most people; an avenue to express their opinions or creativity, it can be a way to make money online. Blogging is an easy enough side hustle to pick up if you love writing. While blogging is more of a long-term way of making money online, you can be successful if you stay dedicated and consistent. Most blogs, such as HuffPost and TechCrunch, started small and through discipline and persistence, built their blogs to top-grossing businesses.

Blogging platforms like WordPress, Medium, Facebook, Squarespace, and Wix, will help you get started with little or no effort. To start blogging, you need to choose a specific, yet broad niche; for example, finance, health, personal growth, and technology. Then slowly expand into other similar niches as you build your brand and authority and as your following increases.

Once you’ve gained significant monthly website traffic, you can monetize your blog by selling advertising spaces or placing ads on your website with Google AdSense or You can add affiliate links on your posts, offer exclusive content to paid subscribers, and also sell your products and services. The blog can also serve as a platform to build your authority, getting you contracts to talk or write about a product or a company.


Become an Influencer

With the rapid growth and increase in the number of social media platforms, becoming an influencer is now easier than ever. One of the platforms on which you can become an influencer is Instagram. Just a few years back, Kylie Jenner became the highest-paid influencer by making $1 million for every sponsored Instagram post. Celebrities are not the only ones that generate massive revenue as influencers, non-celebrities also get gigs from companies and large brands that want to promote their products or services.

Building a large enough following is the best way to become an influencer. While most influencers started on YouTube and Instagram, it’s now more challenging to build a large following on these platforms if you don’t have original content to offer. Another platform you can explore is TikTok – it is currently the fastest growing social network in the world.

There are numerous avenues open for you to make money as an influencer. These include starting an online store and selling your products, becoming a brand ambassador, selling sponsored posts, charging for public appearances at events, selling your photos, featuring ads in your podcast, and adding affiliate links in your bio.

Become a Freelancer

More companies are leaning towards remote work due to the Covid-19 crisis, which means there are more opportunities for freelancers than ever before. There are a plethora of jobs available that you can do online as a freelancer, including writing, graphics designing, teaching, web and android development, virtual assistant, and more.

Popular websites such as Fiverr, Upwork and offer opportunities covering a wide range of sectors, and you will also find many other sites that target a specific industry. For example, Gengo and One Hour Translation provide only language translation jobs.

Freelancing is becoming increasingly competitive. It is you have something that will make you stand out from other freelancers in your niche. One thing that can give you that edge is to have a robust portfolio. You can build a robust portfolio by offering free services to some small to mid-tier brands. After this, you can start approaching big clients to get better pay. In freelancing, your success depends on your rating, client reviews, and the number of clients you have worked with.


Tutor Kids Online

The closure of schools and colleges due to the pandemic has increased the demand for online tutors by parents, who don’t want their children to miss any learnings. If you have the expertise or in-depth knowledge of any subject, especially languages, maths, science or test-prep, you can leverage on them to land a high-paying gig as an online tutor.

While tutoring might seem like a hassle, there are a lot of people making money online just from it. An example is Bohdan, an online tutor, who through word of mouth, high group rates, and visibility, was able to build up his clientele and made $2100 from tutoring.

A teaching degree or ESL certification can increase your chances of getting a tutoring job. Experience in delivering sessions at a conference or speeches at an event is also plus for tutoring, teaching or even mentoring positions. There are numerous free courses made for teachers that you can take to learn how to teach online and improve your tutoring skills.

To get started, you can sign up on one of the online tutoring sites like Learn4Good,,, Chegg Tutors, or Cambly. You can also advertise your services through word of mouth.

Sell Your Photography

Visual marketing strategies are becoming the dominant form of marketing, which means there is an increasing demand for pictures of high quality. This presents you with a chance to turn your passion for photography into a way to make money online. You don’t need to have a camera to start. There are a lot of amazing things you can do with visuals on your mobile these days if you have a good phone camera.

Stock photography websites are some of the best marketplaces to sell your photographs. You receive a commission from each sale your pictures make. Some of the popular ones are Alamy, Shutterstock, Getty, and iStock. Sites like Scoopshot connect you with clients for freelance photography jobs, and you can sell your phone shots on Foap.


Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube offers one of the easiest ways to make money online if you are comfortable in front of a camera. People go to YouTube for fun, entertaining or informative videos. If you can fit your content into these categories, you can attract a large audience and monetize your brand.

For example, Ryan Kaji, the eight-year-old YouTube’s highest-earner, made $26 million last year from reviewing toys. While Dude Perfect, a group of five friends, made $20 million from doing stunts and breaking Guinness World Records.

To make money on YouTube, your channel has to be either:

  • Entertaining – include content like pranks, reviews, comedy videos, video game walkthroughs, and more.
  • Educative – mostly how-to videos, DIYs, and hacks.

Your channel name needs to be catchy, and your video titles, descriptions, and images should be optimized for YouTube search. Publishing only high-quality videos and consistent video posting are a few of the things you need to keep in mind when you are building your following on YouTube. You can start monetizing your YouTube channel using YouTube ads when you reach 1000 subscribers.

Become a Virtual Assistant

This is an online money-making option you can explore if you’re an excellent communicator and have great organizational and planning skills. There are a wide variety of tasks you will be responsible for as a virtual assistant. These include minute taking, bookkeeping, email management, data entry, research, order processing, and more.

To excel as a virtual assistant, you need to be able to schedule your time around the needs of your client, work well remotely, and also have a good typing speed.

There are several websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and, that will allow you to set up your gig and get clients. You can also submit applications to new brands and small business owners, as they are more likely to hire a virtual assistant than a full-time personal assistant. Another option is to build your presence on corporate social platforms like LinkedIn, which can connect you to new clients and prominent entrepreneurs.


Create an App

Wait. This is also a money-making avenue you can explore even if you don’t know how to program. With app builders like BuildFire, AppyPie, and Thunkable, you can build an app with little or no knowledge of programming. But then again, learning how to program can open you to a lot of opportunities.

With good enough programming skills, you can offer your services on freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. You can also apply for remote programming jobs on a website like If you are looking to make money on your app, you can put them for free on Google Play and the Apple store. Free apps are more likely to gain traction than paid apps unless they’re already popular. Once you have a large number of users, you monetize your app through ads and providing premium features.


Aside from offering an opportunity to earn extra cash per month, making money online is also an avenue for a new career path based on your terms and a chance to leave your 9 to 5 job behind.

We have listed ten ways to make money online. Now, all you have to do is go through the list and choose the option that fit your passion and current skillsets. While you won’t make money immediately, give it a few months, and you will start seeing results, as long as you stay dedicated and persistent.