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How to get Subscribers on YouTube fast (Get 1000 free youtube subscribers, works in 2020)

Worried about how to get subscribers on YouTube fast? Well, then you’ve probably started or are at the verge of starting your YouTube channel and are fanatically looking up for ways to get 1000 free YouTube subscribers. After all, you don’t want to end up as a failure on this massive platform on which 4 hours of video content is uploaded every single minute.

So, if you are wondering how you can break through this dense platform and get 1000 free YouTube subscribers quickly then here’s everything you need to know about getting more subscribers by maximizing your organic reach on YouTube, the  second most popular website after Google.

In this article, we will not only tell you how to increase youtube subscribers free but also pinpoint some of the best techniques to keep your viewers (whether subscribers or not) engaged to increase your watchtime.


1. Develop creative and valuable content

During the initial stages, your YouTube channel needs to grow organically. That is only possible when you create valuable content and post it regularly. So, spend the first 2-3 months conceptualizing and creating content for your audience without worrying too much about monetization.

In 2020, Content is the King and  a content-rich YouTube channel is definitely going to raank better. So, post at least 2-3 videos every week and ensure that the content is worthy enough for the audience.

People will only subscribe to your channel if they feel that the content is credible, worthy, and valuable so make sure that the video stands true to those expectations.

Content to get 1000 free YouTube Subscribers NOW!!

  • Develop content that helps people such as how-tos
  • Make sure that you create longer videos
  • Use the right keywords because YouTube has a powerful video search engine and the authentic use of keywords will fetch you the right number of subscribers.

2. Don’t Neglect Creating an Email list

IThis is one of the most powerful secret promotional technique used by some of the biggest YouTubers and Bloggers, and offers three main benefits. First off, you can always intimate your existing subscribers about your latest videos and other activities such as contests, giveaways, free webinars, etc…

Next, you can use it to run referral programs and increase your email list. Finally, if YouTube goes down or gets banned like TikTok, then you can still upload your content on some other video streaming platform.The biggest advantage of having your own emailing list is that every time you create and post a video, you can instantly drive an influx of views and engagement absolutely free.

If you have a website, then you can even embed the relevant videos and appeal to your readers to subscribe to your YouTube channel and emailing list. Likewise, you can collaborate with other Bloggers and YouTubers to get more subscribers. Don’t worry! Not everyone wants you to pay them and many would be willing to collaborate for a smart deal. Now how you crack that depends on your niche and your business acumen.

3. Here’s how to get subscribers on youtube fast with Giveaways and Play Contests

One of the easiest ways to get a 1000 free YouTube Subscribers is by having social media Influencers promoting your ‘subscribers-only’ giveaways and contests. You can do this by roping in sponsors that send you free samples and there are many who do that. You can then send it to the Influencers and request them to promote your channel.

As it is a ‘subcribers-only’ contest or event, everyone interested in participating is going to hit the subscribe button. During the event, you can also ask your subscribers about the kind of content they would want you to create and then pick the common requests. Also, have the social media influencers declaring the winners from time to time. This would encourage others to subscribe and participate in the future contests and giveaways.

4. Get 1000 free YouTube subscribers through active interaction

If you are still scratching your head and wondering how to get 1000 free YouTube Subscribers fast, then you need to ask yourself what your current subscribers think of you. Do you share a healthy rapport with them? Do you respond and react to their comments? This is important because your current audience are your most powerful brand ambassadors and what they tell others about your YouTube channel really matters.

So, to increase the number of subscribers, you need to build a rapport with the audience by responding to the queries in the comment section and through interactive live sessions. Once your audience realize that they are being given due importance, they will naturally turn into loyal subscribers and speak highly about your YouTube Channel.

Learn how to increase YouTube subscribers free with Content Design

Now let us come to the content designing part of the channel, which might seem trivial, but it indeed lays the cornerstone for the success of your YouTube Channel. A great way to do this is by introducing weekly segments that help you connect with the various audience segments.

For instance, if your YouTube channel is about Technology then you could have a how-to segment, online news segment, gadgets unboxing segment, and so on. So, every Wednesday, your subscribers would know what to expect.

Quick Tips on how to get subscribers on YouTube fast

  • Segment your content to resonate with various subsets of your audiences.
  • Make sure that the videos have your branding.
  • Also, the caption must show off the brand.
  • Ask your audience to subscribe at the start, end and soon after the hook.

6. Grab Attention by altering your shooting Locations

People crave for something that is new and exciting, which is why they do not like to see you in the same place all the time. In fact, they always want to see something new and exciting. Therefore, planning new shooting locations every now and then can help you grab the attention of your subscribers. You can also experiment by changing your studio design from time to time. Doing this and then posting interesting thumbnails of your videos and upcoming uploads is an easy way to attract more subscribers.

7. Create mind-boggling Thumbnails

Your thumbnail plays an important role in enticing visitors to watch your videos and to earn subscribers. That’s because users no longer wish to subscribe to a hundred YouTube channel and mess up their user experience.

Rather, they would prefer to subscribe to ten and stay updated with the latest content and it is your thumbnail which either draws their attention or doesn’t. So, spend some time creating thumbnails to encapsulate what’s in the video and also design it so that it grabs the attention of potential subscribers.

8. Get YouTube Subscribers with Annotations

YouTube annotations are those clickable images and text which can be added to videos in various formats — speech bubbles, notes, title, spotlight, label, pause and more. You need to use these to appeal to your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. However, you need to do this without letting it negatively impact the user experience and as subtly as possible.

9. Make the End of the Vid Appeal

Although this is one of the most basic ways to ask people to subscribe to your channel, this simple method works like a charm. However, you can expect results only if you have created amazing content that the viewer would watch until the end.

10. Get yourself an AWESOME Channel Trailer

Now, have you ever watched a movie without actually checking out one or more trailers? Your potential subscribers expect the same so give your audience a sneak peek of what your content is all about. However, you need to keep your trailer under ninety seconds and make it as appealing as possible.

Now that we have shared some of the most powerful ways how you can get more subscribers on YouTube for free, we must admit that you need to guard caution. In the world of YouTube promotion, you will come across many companies promising you subscribers at a low price and you might be tempted to use those services than to follow the abovementioned tips.

In that case, you may soon have to wind up your YouTube channel because those are mostly fake accounts that will not generate any watchtime. So, we recommend that you work a little harder and follow the above mentioned are simple yet effective techniques to get 1000 free YouTube subscribers fast.